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Friday, 23 July of the current year. Jaime is mixing humor with political as usual. He invited Carlos Alvares which already does not imitate anyone. They did a parody of Hugo Chavez in relationship of breaking relations with the Colombian Government. At the end of the parody, Carlos Alvares disguised as Hugo Chavez makes Jaime shoot him and kills him. In particular I really like seeing Jaime Bayly, because it amuses me, me distracted and it makes me laugh, but I don’t like when it is presented to Carlos Alvares, if I do not see the program, less I like that mess it within a program that if I like to see.

Jaime became out of the political line. Then I interviewed Pedro Suarez Vertiz, and mesclo your supposed candidacy to the Presidency with farandulera style. Today is the last of its programs in this second week, and if he talked politics all these days of your daily schedule, will be 20 percent. It seems to me that this program could wane if it continues with this journalistic line. Who writes these lines unless you want to see a political agenda at this hour, and especially focusing on it in a fun way, as it is the style of Jaime. But that only takes you, or inviting politicians to its program.

Jaime when announced his daily program, announcement and promised that it would be cutting political, to take advantage of the electoral situation in our country, and is not in compliance. Eye then with this possible presidential candidate, that does not meet its promises. Pedro Suarez Vertiz, suggests that Jaime that he could be the candidate of the Apra. As noted that this pair got agreement before beginning the interview. Now Jaime threw flowers the day before Alan Garcia, and now says that Pedro has given him the idea. PUCHA that locazo Jaime, similar chacotero. Jaime shows a video where Kouri spokesman said that Lourdes is a whimsical not wanting to discuss with Kouri. Also says that the song of Lourdes should be do not play with the devil. Or Kouri added Jaime. Keiko Fujimori, is campaigning for the United States. Jaime mentions that it falls well, but There is a risk that if she is elected, would bring his father from prison. But she says that that rule would be her and not her dad. Jaime assumes that Keiko would not bring pressure Montesinos. Toledo said that it is a lie that gave ease to terrorists in his Government. There was no compensation to terrorists. Jaime says that not gave compensation to Sarai. Toledo fires large caliber artillery to tell him to Alan, that he has not released to Lorin Berenzon. I have not done any tunnel that some terrorist to escape, (said by Polay) Jaime laughs and refine that Elian karp is more terrorist yet. Original author and source of the article

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