Central University

Jose Maria Ots Capdequi was born in Valencia in 1893 and died in Benimodo, Valencia, on September 20, 1975. He studied law at the universities of Zaragoza and Valencia, moved to Madrid to pursue the doctorate at the Central University, where his Professor Rafael Altamira. His doctoral thesis was entitled historical sketch of the rights of women in Indian law. In 1921 he obtained the Chair of history at the Faculty of law of Barcelona, which was shortly to swap by the Chair of the University of Oviedo. In 1924 he became Professor of the Universidad de Sevilla and in 1931 from the University of Valencia, from where returned back to Seville to be commissioned to develop studies American University, where he became the center of Americanism, managing the Hispano-Cubano Institute of history and the Centre for studies of the history of Americaattached to the University (later School of Hispanic Studies). They worked with him as colleagues or students, large numbers of the new world historians: Chacon and Calvo, Zavala, Pereyra, Haring, Castle, Basadre, Bascunan, Romero, Coicu, and many others that were going to the Archivo de Indias to rebuild the Spanish past in their countries or to clarify aspects of national borders.

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