Chicago Congress

Thank you very much. Oleg Demidov, Moscow, the person challenging the fate of Friends! Last night, while on duty in the dining room, we chatted with one guy, and just ten minutes later lively conversation suddenly discovered that he speaks Spanish, and I – in Russian. I thought a lot before the Congress: If the Creator broke languages in Babylon, on what language it will give us communicate when we connect again? Now I know that this is language of the heart when we feel each other as one single creature Guys! Our only goal – is to preserve, develop and transmit the power of association, to which we came here, all over the world. Jose Amiris, Venezuela I athlete, parachutist. When I paryu in the sky, it gives me a feeling of freedom, and my heart goes with delight. But I did not imagine the feelings that you gave me here at the Congress. I bless the night, the hour before dawn, when found in the Internet portal of the Bnei Baruch, read everything I could and decided to go to the Congress. I know several languages, but here I learned a new language – the language of the heart, he made me a totally different person.

God forbid all feel like that. My heart – it is not my heart – the heart of every one of you. In Venezuela, the friends you choose for life, called panels. All of you – my Panno, because speak the language of the heart! Rostislav Zaulichny, usa, Chicago.

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