In summer 2007, our lawyers consulting firm Capital Professor “is often treated customers with questions how to sell your business, at what price and how much tax and then have to pay. Typically, such issues seek owners or co-owners own a successful company, selling its business to Russian or foreign legal entity. A legal person is extremely interested to the purchase sale of shares capital traded company, was conducted in compliance with all requirements of current legislation, and the calculations were performed entirely in non-cash form, without using the “envelope” schemes. Most traded companies, often have a legal form of ownership – Limited Liability Company and the registration value of the share capital they do not usually exceed 10 000 rubles. As a rule, point of sale authorized capital is ten times more, and selling price, taking into account the existing assets, much higher than the size of the share capital. Quite naturally, the prospect of such a large sum of money makes the old owner to think about the possible tax consequences, and how much money and then have to pay to the state.

There are three categories of prices when selling in the share capital: – at face value – above par value – below par. Let us consider what the tax consequences may arise in each of these cases. Currently, the sale of the share capital of the Company with limited liability and costs nominal taxable income does not arise.

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