Napoleon Bonaparte

Many years ago when he appeared in the world El Detector de Mentiras, all lawyers and scholars of human behavior were fascinated. The appliance is based on a series of sensors that detect physiological variations of sweating, muscle contractures, variations in heart rate, tremors and eye movements that occur in one individual, when you lie. Then the experiences with the machine of truth, as it came to be called, proliferated everywhere. One day, a very particular exploration came to a lawyer. He moved the machine to the psychiatric hospital of the city and sat on him to a boarding school: j. C. Jones. Mr Jones was a psychotic and, as part of his delusion, claimed that he was Napoleon Bonaparte.

Perhaps by having been a student of history, he knew to perfection the life of Napoleon, and stated accurately, first-person, small details of the life of the Gran Corso, in logical and coherent sequence. This Lord J. C. Jones sat down in the lie detector and after a calibration routine, asked. -You is Napoleon Bonaparte? The patient thought a moment and then replied. -No!, how can you think of? I am j. C. Jones. Everyone smiled, unless the operator of detector which reported that Mr Jones: lied! The machine showed when the patient said the truth (which was Jones) was lying. He believed that it was Napoleon! Both no matter what others say of who are you, but who you’re convinced that you are. Replied to the question: who are you? This tale is recounted by Jorge Bucay and was transcribed and adapted by the y team you can hear the audio from this story at: original author and source of the article

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