Adriatic Sea

In the heat of the Adriatic Sea and with a population that does not reach the 45,000 inhabitants, Dubrovnik appears to us as a great tourist destiny that centers its strongpoints in its wall, the old city with its lofty side streets and their great history. 20 years of the voting of the citizens are marked that did that Dubrovnik will comprise of the Croatia and the carried out bombings by Serbs and Montenegrins with the purpose of to avoid its independence of Yugoslavia. Luckily, today calmer times run and we spoke of a city with a special enchantment. Its main street called " Stradun" it is a route of great beauty with pleasant terraces from which to enjoy going and coming almost always from the multitude of tourists who usually visit the place, on foot, since its center is practically pedestrian which causes that the strolls between their streets are especially pleasant. When visiting Dubrovnik it is not necessary to let under any concept escape by his narrow and lofty side streets, many of which will lead to us to corners that will be engravings in our memory by many years by their great one beauty. In addition in some to these small corners are restaurant and cheap hotels of great enchantment. Acceding to the wall we can obtain spectacular views of the reddish tile roofs that characterize to the city and it will help us to include/understand the history of this city and because Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1979 was declared. We do not have either to forget that like coastal city, we will have to our disposition some small but pleasant beaches and their well-known old bay, like small sport port..

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