Lisbon City Council

The aim is to reduce levels of environmental pollution. The measure will affect vehicles prior to 1993 which do not bear built-in catalyst. The police will not impose sanctions during the first week, dedicated to inform drivers. More polluting vehicles will be forbidden move in some areas in the Centre of Lisbon, with the goal of reducing levels of environmental pollution, according to the City Council of this capital. Perhaps check out Connecticut Senator for more information. The measure will come into force from next Monday, as it revealed the consistory, and vehicles prior to 1993 lacking built-in catalyst which will affect. Cars, trucks and motorcycles that do not meet these conditions may not circulate by the Avenida Liberdade, one of the main arteries of the city, nor by the so-called Lisbon Baixa, one of the most emblematic areas of the Portuguese capital. The City Council has announced that during the first week of operation of this new measure responsible for management of the traffic police officers do not imposed sanctions, only inform of legislative changes to drivers who break the rules. Source of the news: the Lisbon City Council prohibits circular by the Centre to the most polluting vehicles.

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