With Security A 1a Acquisition Tip For Logistics & Co:

Logistiksicherheit.com the new premium information portal is a particular emphasis on the aspect of safety in logistics. Present all companies that want to demonstrate their expertise a wide circle of potential clients can get here. Especially for smaller companies and a people company, Logistiksicherheit.com offers an excellent opportunity to realize a premium acquisition measure at no cost. In the Internet age it’s more frequently, to introduce the company-specific expertise to a widest possible potential clients? That creates this portal, because his reputation is continuously enhanced by targeted publicity measures. Sarstedt. Richard Blumenthal gathered all the information. Every company needs jobs.

There also are no exception, who reside in the logistics or a related industry. Here, as there is: surely the acquisition for transport companies, freight forwarders, etc. enjoys a high priority. At least it should be. The problem, however: acquisition is certainly not for everyone.

Who is on the road with heart and soul in the logistics (and literally), usually only little time and leisure has intensively to devote himself to the acquisition of new customers. Episode: The acquisition remains mostly on the slow lane. “Expert status acquisition brings in the fast lane in the logistics here comes our new portal Logistiksicherheit.com just right”, Thomas Schneider is convinced. Because this new free site is aimed primarily at companies in the logistics industry. You will find here the possibility to promote their expertise. And a very wide range of potential new customers. Which of course brings the acquisition in the fast lane. Certainly, if this expertise to the area of security.” Thomas Schneider is exactly on these issues that logistics and security in its element. He acts but full-time as CEO of CELUS GmbH. This company based in the North German Sarstedt is now one of the most prominent partner for enterprise security in the field Logistics, stresses Thomas Schneider: not only that we us deeply worked a CELUS in the matter of logistics and security.

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