Measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns today engaged in virtually every enterprise. Yes, indeed, measure promotional impact to a minimum in order to understand whether or not to further invest in the campaign or to find another way. Often a stumbling block between the customer and design studio in a lack of clearly defined and uniform standards for evaluating the model. After all, every ad will carry out its certain tasks. So follow the standard rules for the evaluation of all models is sometimes problematic.

However, several main parameters that are similar to most design decisions are still possible. The most important rule that must not be forgotten when assessing – "advertisements should sell." Advertising effectiveness is the number of benefits to funds invested in advertising. To achieve maximum the impact of an advertising campaign to encourage potential clients to do the following – Attention-Interest-Desire-Action-motif. For this advertising, which creates a design studio for you, should most succinctly describe the product, while describing its virtues and benefits of its acquisition, the uniqueness of its properties. Desirable is the presence of quality assurance, in particular, in the message. New unique properties and quality are usually the main point of advertising argument. By itself, the message must attract the attention of those to whom it is intended, and stand out in a stream of information that every day falls on consumers. For example, a good design studio must offer you a custom, fresh solutions that will compare favorably with the general background in those information sources, which are read or watching audience.

In this case, the ad does not have to remember at once, his main task is to create an image of the product, whereby the object of advertising and will stand out among competitors. For example, this may contribute to the catchy packaging, or color scheme. On the amount of messages can not say for sure – every single type of product has a different list of their characteristics, dimensions may vary. And here is the whole responsibility falls on the shoulders of the customer, not the design studio, as only he knows exactly what to target audience. Unfortunately, only guided by these principles make an informed decision about advertising creative can be difficult, because are not included here the taste preferences of the audience. One love one another – another. As they say, many people – so many opinions. AND please everyone is impossible. Therefore, when deciding on the style and technique of the layout should be remembered that whatever the model, serious or funny, conservative, or cartoonish, more importantly, that he made person to go through all the stages of purchase decision and make the "Action".

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