The World

For the child this always states a confrontation with its proper ' ' eu' ' , with its personal experience. To the measure that thinks about it, its reflections if concentrate in the experience that will have to create. The process of its reasoning, its ability to think and to concentrate in some thing is stimulated. This constitutes an important part of the initial phase of the creative activities. Through the art the child obtains to express its preferences as well as the things that dislike to it, its emotional reactions with its proper world and with the world that the fence. It combines then, two very important factors: its knowledge of the things and its proper and individual relation, stop with them. Such relations can be increased by the experiences that have of the things.

One becomes necessary to have in mind that everything that a child makes and all the experiences for which it passes, exert some influence on it. If the child, in its creative work search continuously to relate between itself all its experiences, such with thinking, feeling, to perceive, everything this must also exert an integration effect on its personality. ' ' To discover and to explore what if it can make with the diverse materials used for the artistic creation, to learn as if hold, also constitute one of the ambicionadas trends more than the child develops by means of the activities criadoras' ' (LOWENFELD, 1997 P. 17). Also the capacity to think of independent form and inventiveness, favored for the artistic manifestations, is not limited to proper art. One is about a college that the man uses, when has chance to fight for better objectives. The child must exactly develop its thought and feeling regarding itself and of its environment, she must develop itself equilibradamente, come to be people whom they use, beneficially, the thought, the feeling and the perception.

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