The Course

– To consider integrant, dependent and agent transforming of the environment, being identified its elements and interactions, to contribute actively in the improvement of the environment. – To exactly develop the knowledge of itself with reliable feeling in its capacities effective, physics, cognitivas, ethics, personal relation and social insertion, to act with perseverance in the search of the knowledge and the exercise of the citizenship. He is very important that the course of Sociology of the Education if converts into the space for the preparation of the future educator as citizen, treating the social matters in the perspective to the citizenship, preparing critical citizens inside of its reality. The educandos of Pedagogia need to be able to place as educators and citizens, recognizing its rights and obligations. According to PCNs (1998, P. 32), challenge consists of not waiting for professors who only after ‘ ‘ prontos’ ‘ ‘ ‘ formados’ ‘ they can work with the pupils. It is possible, during its formation, to prepare them for the implantation of special educative projects that inside make a work of formation of professors of the social reality.

The institution has that to be present in the day the day of the community. The formation of the citizenship only becomes ahead its exercise, therefore it is so important to work with the possibility of that the pupil of the course of Sociology of the Education if prepares to occupy its space as professor prepared enough to teach the practical one of citizenship. To guarantee that the participation if develop are convenient a systematic intervention of the professors and through its you discipline, duly planned and changing or changedding in accordance with the development of the educandos.

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