Termination Period

If indeed there are good reasons, the result usually be the assessment on the one hand the interest of the employer to prevent the implementation of an employee of coordinated work, and on the other hand interest employee in carrying out this work. The obligations of the employee Employee shall comply with the agreed work best in their abilities and follow the instructions of the employer. Hired employee shall not be liable to the employer for the harm caused to third parties in the course of his work, unless the employer can demonstrate that it is the result of intentional or negligent actions of the infidels by the employee. Termination It is in respect of termination of employment agreements employment law differs markedly from the Netherlands the majority of foreign legal systems, in particular regarding the high degree of protection against dismissal. There are five ways in which labor agreements may, in appropriate cases, to terminate under the laws of the Netherlands: At the request during the probation; prior notice, by mutual agreement; By dismissal without notice by the court.

Each of these methods will be discussed below. I. Termination during probation during the probationary period, either party may terminate the contract of employment at will, that is, with immediate effect. II. Termination by notice In before termination by notice should make a distinction between agreements concluded for a definite period, and the agreements concluded for an indefinite period.

The source term of employment agreement concluded for a definite period ends by law at the end of this period. In fact, for this reason, do not require prior notice, although the obligation to issue a warning about dismissal may be specified in the agreement. The same rule applies for second and third employment contract concluded for a definite period that followed the initial employment agreement entered into on certain period, provided that the total duration of such employment agreements shall not exceed three years.

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