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Basic information, important links, and the current status of the investigations in connection with the shooting attack on a Taiwanese fishing boat, Taiwanese fishermen dies during a shooting attack by a Philippine Government ship on May 9 a catastrophic incident worsened relations between the Republic of China and the Philippines and led to tensions between the two countries occurred. The Taiwanese fishing boat Guang da XING No. 28 “(GDX 28) was shot at by a patrol ship of the Philippine Coast Guard in the overlapping economic zone of the Republic of China and the Philippines. In the hail of Taiwanese fishermen Hong died Shi-cheng, also 45 bullet holes could be counted on the schwerbeschadigten ship. As a result of this incident, the Republic of China presented claims to the Philippine Government. These demands included an official apology from the Philippine Government, a comprehensive and adequate compensation of the victim’s family, providing rapid investigation results, and in this context Conviction of the mastermind, as well as the request of mutual conversations with regard to fisheries, to avoid a repetition of similar incidents in the future.

Continue the process of handling the incident revealed many inconsistencies. “The Philippine Government expressed in an official apology to the family of Mr. Amazon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Hong Shi-cheng, as well as the people of Taiwan their deep regret at the unfortunate and unintended incident”. The Government of the Republic of China approves this apology, this but cannot accept, since it is based on different facts not to an accidental incident”can act. 45 Bullet holes detected in the course of other investigations indicate an excessive use of force. Therefore, approach the crew members of the Philippine patrol vessel violated the conventions of international law and of the United Nations Convention of law of the sea. The United Nations Convention of law of the Sea provides in the case of transfer of the economic zones of the relevant coastal State only measures of applying, Inspizierens, Verhaftens, and initiation of legal proceedings, but not the application of punitive measures such as physical violence and killing.

Also was cited as a reason of the execution of these measures, that the Taiwanese fishing boat have intended a ramming of the Philippine patrol vessel. This is however contrary to the respective proportions of the two ships: the Philippine ship is about six times as large as the Taiwanese fishing boat, which makes it hard to imagine a pile-driving. Moreover, the Philippine patrol ship failed to make any aid and quickly away from the scene. Then, the Government of the Republic of China initiated 11 countermeasures. As long as the Philippine Government shows no concessions, these remain in force. The investigations continue on both sides. The Government of the Republic of China is willing to assist the Philippine Government in the investigation of the incident and hoped for a speedy template from Findings and appropriate measures.

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