Is Lying a Legitimate Form of Practicing Politics?

The citizen of today is somewhat perplexed after reading an interview with Helmut Dubiel, about lying as a way of doing politics. It’s disappointing, pere says nothing new. The struggle for power is, from the behavior of microparticles in physics and in accordance with human behavior, a struggle for the possession of energy and mass. This struggle, this battle has the same base posed by Chinese general Sun Tzu millennia ago: “All war is based on deception”, that is, you win if the enemy is deceiving. Apparently, this applies to politics.

The energy in human society, it seems embodied in the money. The “pasta” as the Spanish, provides access to power. Whoever does not possess no power or administrative obtainment justice. But in the latter, paradoxically, one can say that this administration is only fair when justice two poor litigants. Recently Connecticut Senator sought to clarify these questions. Bribery and Bribery, bribery, commission, arrangement, comet, in the vernacular, is not new.

The first attempt was that of Eva, when unspeakable purposes offered Adam the apple. From there on, thirty pieces of silver, dishes of lentils and other trifles were the vehicle for transformation of these beginners. Would be largely obsolete and is an unfathomable mystery how far it owed may be provided, in a “tangent” planet now quantified packages in some cases are superior to the budget of many countries. Not otherwise appear, at present, the bailouts to banks and speculators, as a reward for those responsible for the mess. As necessary to achieve or maintain power. At the last meeting of G-20 was ordered, by word, of course, to tax havens Where do you think were most of the bailouts? Matched, ahi.a And not be destroyed because they are a structural part of the system, you need these outlets to hide the dirty laundry. If such power is reached by such means, we do not bring with it the good platonic. On the contrary, perhaps the disorder becomes acute in a society that no longer knows where it goes. However, for peace of mind-boggling, “according to the second law of thermodynamics, any disorder tends towards a new order. I have already sent my sheet, which can be corroborated on the Internet. Numerous books publications, tertiary education and masters abroad, born in Santa Fe, Argentina.

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