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In my previous article that the fate talk can be modified with our free will. Now, at first sounds contradictory because you will be saying: If the destination is written and our future is defined beforehand how come I can change something that is already predefined in advance?. And deepening the question, you can also ask "if I can change my future from the present, then it means I can change my present from the past?, Because after all our present is not simply the future of our past (pardon the pun, but this allows us to understand the concept I want to convey). As you see today will have to adjust well in the seat and open her mind to interpret a concept that completely changes the paradigm that one had until today about the passing of time, really to understand the law of attraction we have to change all paradigms known it. We live in four dimensions, three space: length, width and height, ie the classic three-dimensional cube and a fourth dimension of time. The classical understanding of time is: There is a principle and a linear route of the time, however contrary to what we thought we knew the time is not linear but curved. Albert Einstein, started giving the basis of this understanding in the so-called theory of general relativity formulated in 1916. "One of his most important results was the equivalence of mass and energy, according to the known formula E = mc , where c is the speed of light and E is the energy obtainable by a body of mass m when all its mass is converted into energy.

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