Motorcycles History

The very modern biker movement arose after the Second World War. Large numbers of young people returned home, but not all were able to find a place in civilian life. After some time, have informal clubs and interest of uniting all the participants was a motorcycle. Its appearance the famous chopper must biker movement. Chopper, in its present form, was formed by continuously striving bikers improve your bike to make it faster, more spectacular and more convenient.

Many U.S. military had tested European tales, which were easier and more heavy American motorcycles. Despite the presence of demand American manufacturers are known for very conservative, and did not want to create new models or changing the traditional design. The only decent solution for bikers was to modify their own bikes forces. From motorcycle factory production removes all unnecessary from the standpoint of this biker. Naturally, all changes were implemented to solve specific problems. First, a motorcycle-class chopper was show good results at the top while the biker events, and secondly, be comfortable on the highway and, thirdly, to look as cool.

Initially, these bikes were called 'Bobber', they were several distinctive features, which then passed to the classic chopper. Very typical use of wheels of different width and size, the front had more, but it already. Laws of that time obliged to have at motorcycle rail for passengers, not too pleased and bikers, led to a sissy bar – a high backrest that supports the rear wing. Very recognizable high steel wheel, convenient to the highway, and curved upwards exhaust pipe tapered flare. As a result of riots in towns Hollister and Riverside, which grew in the competition of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), for bikers has a reputation for antisocial elements or outlaw bikers. ama attempt to clear his reputation, led to the most hardcore bikers left its ranks. This has affected the further development of the bikes. Races have been paying less attention, the main efforts were focus on ways to make the bike comfortable on the streets. So there was a classic chopper. Enthusiasts have tried to make the design simpler by removing unnecessary, even some battery replaced magnetos. With the frame of the future chopper removed all exposed parts and extra fasteners, this was achieved by the ease and elegance of design. Perhaps the most characteristic detail of the classic chopper is considered the front fork, which made far forward and strongly tilted. High wheel is replaced by a strongly arched, so planting a motorcyclist was completely different. In order to give the bike even more individuality, choppers paints in unusual colors, particularly popular are designs from the flames. In addition to changes in the frame and the individualization of appearance, a variety of modernizations subjected to engine and transmission. After making the film 'Easy Rider' (Easy Rider) "Easy Rider", bikers, choppers have become extremely popular. Chopperostroeniem became engaged in a lot of people, sometimes far from biking. Large companies are not left unattended growth in popularity of the new bikes and began to produce kits aftermarket. By means of such kits can be easily converted into a chopper almost any factory model. With the start of production in the early 80's factory models of choppers on Harley Davidson, an independent manufacturer of chopper is losing its relevance. Upgrade the bikes with their hands were only enthusiasts, as well as at the beginning of the biker movement.

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