Russian Federation

This man is not stopped, when a guard heard a scream and not even respond to a warning shot into the air. Https:// helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As it turned out during the investigation, this man was not a terrorist or a thief, and just decided to jump over the fence, apparently, trying to shorten the path. A security guard for his mistake was 20 years in prison. Such examples can be found very, very much. In the United States has repeatedly tried to police use of excessive force and the doctors for their professional mistakes.

But tell me, Have you ever heard that ever tried the former president for his professional mistake? 'Of course! " – You say you are. – 'That's Augusto Pinochet, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein …' Alas, not so simple. All of these leaders was not tried nor those who chose them, not according to the laws in force at the time of their reign. Unfortunately, all the trials of former leaders were carried out by forces outside and have always been more like a punishment than a search for justice. Perhaps the trials of former members of parliament are held more often. You may recall how in 1999, head of the ultra-Orthodox, Sephardic party Knesset was jailed for three years for taking bribes, or Mavrodi trial, the former owner of AO MMM, who was a member of parliament's lower house of the Russian Federation.

You can also recall many other cases where the former deputies found themselves behind bars, but, in fact, none of them punished for their professional activities. Bribes, sexual harassment, spying and other offenses, but for the fact that the policies pursued by these people who turned out to be harmful to the state, yet no one planted. All Still, it would probably be nice if the President would have been somehow responsible for their actions. First of all, let's remember what his position.

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