SpyderPc Program

Who has access to the correspondence and conversation over a cellular connection .. Mobile phones – a very personal thing. His number we give not for everyone. In some cases, not let him home. But in fact, the privacy of our conversations very conditional.

In the company of each mobile operator has an electronic diary of our discussions and text messages. And here, as in Europe, the base of each subscriber is stored in two years. Who has access to our chatter with friends or quarrel wife? Who can know everything about us, down to intimate details? Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to find out how today is wiretapping of mobile people in Russia. The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Cellular evidence Hollywood has long been tastefully operates a topic of electronic control over its citizens. They are specially trained FBI agents and other spyware. In Russia there is nothing about such methods could not hear it. It was only recently assumption that any of the Russians can leave quite readable for the specialist tracks confirmed.

Especially if your pocket is the mobile phone. That calls on his cell help investigators evaluate suspected murder of the Deputy Central Bank of Russia Andrey Kozlov. The prosecutor's office has asked mobile operators base the negotiations that led people in the area of attack for an hour or two before the murder. Received a clear computation – and phone numbers, names, and information on who registered phone numbers. Thus was obtained the first thread in the disclosure of high-profile crimes.

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