Ramon Saadi

Opponents who stayed where decisions are made, accompanied in some cases by officers not to impose the standard shared closed book, able to correct several points in the vote in particular, in others the number was not enough. It is obvious that those who resigned were absent the possibility of introducing other changes. In that instance was not the right place the press conference, but to fight in until the end. The mistake is implicitly recognized later when the Senate proceeded to reverse. Observing the behavior of Members in the particular treatment, among others, is all feel that if all opposition blocs have remained in their seats, would have been possible to reject Article 161, one of the key objectives of the attack ruling. Such a statement is not optimistic speculation, the title of the divestment was approved by 107 votes, versus 26 against, corresponding to mention that by then had 116 deputies absent, of these 111 of them belonged to the opposition. Of the procedures in the commissions and debates on campus are some interesting aspects to consider, the excellent TV coverage and the interest of society at the result as positive stops for people to have a complete idea of what they can deliver legislators. Were heard and well-founded, with clear descriptions and precise concepts, there were also allegations irrelevant and even pitiful. Misconduct such as Senator Sanchez and Corrientes, reckless expressions such as Ramon Saadi, reveal that there are legislators who do not honor the distinction of office.

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