Page Rank Position

Obviously, the webmaster of the White House position had never proposed the biography through those particular keywords. Nowhere within the contents of it appeared the sentence in question, much less in any of the places mentioned in the previous section as the most relevant for spiders. However, he won the first position. This is the power of incoming links. If you are not convinced, visit Charles Rangel. The more people create links to our site using the keywords that interest us, the closer we get to our target audience. At the end of the positioning is an exercise in democracy, one is elected by popular will.

While it is true that the election is bathed in dye aristocratic wisely. This is a government that tells the majority opinion, but also the best. Something like the Republic or Aristotle's ideal U.S. Democratic primaries. Not worth the same as a link created by a page created by an unknown one that already holds an important position, nor worth the same one from a recognized authority on the subject than any commentator. The measurement system used to measure all these factors is an algorithm based on the law of Page, created by Larry Page to calculate the importance of a scientific study based on the number of citations that refer to it in other scientific studies. Hence the name of the Page Rank of Google, which comes to be an indicator of the relevance of a page within the network. The road to the top is hard, the difficulty increases exponentially upgraded as they reach higher levels.

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