Population And Governing

To as many families passing I suffocate, in parents where to as much wealth! The inaquality that exists, in our country, is on the table of many people, that does not have what to eat, is on that child, umilde and innocent, who instead of being, playing, studying and living a child life, is busy, battling for the survival, its and of its family, the inaquality of our parents, is in the life of a family father, workers who sobreviven with an unjust wage; Of 680reais while the governing of our country, are using a power granted for Brazilian us, atravez of our votes, in benefit proper. In such a way the conflict, between the Brazilian, on o' that if it must make, would not be so difficult, if the population soubece, that and of them that it comes the power. Thus as well as we place, them, we have all the right of takes off them, of abaicho-signed a passive and democratic form with or even with passive protests, fighting for our right. We do not want nothing of more, we want only one worthy life, for all. With a good wage and with taxes lower, we only want what it is said in the constitution. What to my point of view, it would not be nothing, if compared with the wage of each one of the governing of our parents. A country where to as much beauty, exactly thus one sees the sadness and indiguinao, of a people, honest and diligent, that trusts its rights to a person, atravez of its votes, with the esperena that this person would act for each one of Brazilian us. It has more unhappyly not cido thus, to invz to see the side of the population. Today governates, is only thinking about them, forgetting that the power that today they have was corporate for in the citizens Brazilian.

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