Performance Evaluation

Many have the dream of the public job, a steady job and with exemptions. But the truth is that in many schools of public net, this dream for some people can come if become an authentic nightmare. Schools where the favoritism predominates, dificulmente somebody that recently enters for the function will be dealt with the same dignity and respect therefore unhappyly becomes a form of ' ' panelinha' ' in this, enters the women oldest or that they obtain many times everything what wants by means of blackmail commands with them immediate, making with that this all programs the work or good part of it ' ' novatas' '. It seems novel thing or same felt of certain persecution but it is that who already lived or still lives in the skin this reality, does not see no type of justice in its favor. Still more when if it seems to have a conspiracy that afecta entirely who comes to be last fond the house. Total missed but unhappyly a reality she is the people most recent in the public office, nominated, schools of some advice whom not yet the destined cleanness has a company to make much more that the people who already estao in the service. This because already it is interest of the immediate head of the service to take off of the cleanness some that &#039 intitles; ' amigas' ' to leave this function for that them they are less fond.

But made a mistake still it is not to have a commission that evaluates if the performance notes are of fact deserved. Recently an employee who only makes services of fotocopiar, does not assist in a recreation nor she calls that it, does not take care of in the medical rank nor makes cleannesses to the rooms of a block, received 5 in the note from performance. Another employee who sweeps the patio every day, clean 4 rooms leaves and it in necessary hygiene every day forms to be used, clean a forecourt, washes a bath house, takes care of professors and pupils, follow sick pupils to the hospital and there he remains ties second order losing hourly of lunch and to leave to the end of the afternoon, he received note 3. Another employee makes period of the morning only street service; its fatigue for walking of transports does not allow cleannesses it. It can sight one fight in the patio but the hands remain in the pockets. Who created the evaluation must also have bred a commission evaluated that it.

A commission of people jousts, true, that the injustices do not close the eyes. The revolt many times part of the estimated one not to receive basses wages that do not arrive ties to the end of the month but to have as much injustice and as much impunity, when the equality of rights and duties would have to be a legacy and some few not to live under the threats that never will be fulfilled therefore these villains threatened are necessary and detainers of the 5 as nothing they make. Senao to receive in the end of the month, is the ornaments of the transparent administration. Alive the democracy!

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