Original Team

To avoid the damaging effect of the lack of confidence, the team must generate consensus agreements that allow secure set whites on their development and dynamics, these agreements can be contemplated: objective. That is what you want to fix the equipment, in which situations can be consulted and how is the process to do so. confidentiality: the commitment of all not to reveal personal or group known or developed in the process aspects outside the team. Contribution: The commitment to actively participate with assistance and presence during the process. Do not make judgments: opinions should not be evaluative but descriptive. Give to other relevant information of how they do things is more useful and less aggressive than say that they make them right or wrong simply. Do not give advice: given the necessary equality within the team in a coaching process, the Council should be abolished, the contribution of each Member should not be taken as of mandatory compliance, but it should be accepted or not by a process of analysis, discussion and essay.

Not be aggressive: aggression is frequently used as the argument when there are no arguments, coaching of teams not is define superiority with the force to troubleshoot problems with the contribution of ideas and arguments. Right to have nothing to contribute: the contribution should be voluntary not mandatory in all situations, may not disqualify someone who has nothing new to say, is preferable to force him to say any thing to meet. The team must address the needs of all members, therefore a procedure that allows everyone to have the same opportunity and right so that their concerns are treated should be determined. The coach must work as a facilitator of the process staying as an impartial observer aware of the time that presents difficulties in the process, where they must intervene to seek ways of solution and display tools and dynamics that allow to advance despite and due to the difficulties. The dynamics of each session must understand the exposure of the problematic situation, analysis, creative and expansive participation of members to provide greater clarity, other options and new possibilities to the applicant who in the end will be to decide what to do and how to use information and contributions received. At the end of the session it is advisable to make a dynamic closing and annotations of how the experience of the session has changed the view of the participants and how to use it in other situations.

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