Natural Laws In Labor Law

Within the context of homonatropia presented below some approaches to be considered for the proper protection of nature and all living things that inhabit the planet earth. was considered the “REPORT OF EDUCATION CONFERENCE ON LABOUR AND ENVIRONMENT OF THE ILO” as an example of the first steps are about damage, likewise, the considerations on Homonatropia and its connection with human beings . “Laws of nature are so simple that give life, the human being only serve to regulate his life” Joseph Collazo HOMONATRoPICA LABOR LAW .- (example) THE PROTECTION OF NATURE POLICY DEPENDS ON ITS OPERATION MARKET Chapter ” A “Rights and duties of workers (as), Business and the state relating to the protection of nature Article 1 .- The nature, environment and / or recreational areas and parks, plazas and other spaces for the common enjoyment of human beings should be protected, recovery and maintenance part of all members of labor organizations are required by law, no matter the size or order them. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. Article 2 .- businesses or labor organizations have a duty to inform, educate and train their workers (as), regarding the causes and effects of removal of the goods of nature, “raw materials”. Article 3 .- The extraction and processing enterprises are required to maintain a permanent plan of work for recovery of affected areas, can be performed individually or collectively (with other companies), their employees and state organizations Article 4 .- union or group of workers (as) should promote among its members the information required to sensitize them on all matters relating to industrial processes and their effects on nature and health in general Article 5 .- companies must develop a methodology permanent update, maintain, adapt and improve the machinery or equipment, technology, involved in their production processes extraction and processing of the goods of nature with the aim of establishing novel methods to reduce their environmental impact while reducing costs and minimize trade policies Article 6 .- State enterprises and workers’ organizations are duty to promote Homonatropicos workshops where integrating all knowledge, arts and techniques led to the rescue, protection and maintenance of nature and bind the community in activities aimed at achieving its true comfort. . or.

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