Achieving Succes Despite Hatred

I do not think that there are people who hate others because they fear progress and are unwilling to achieve success. I do not believe in a fictitious class struggle, because social classes exist in the minds of people unable to progress and want to learn something new in their lives. Any attempt to overcome is valid. I think that this humanity, we are now living a special moment in its history. This time, the that technology is breaking boundaries, the Internet is doing. We are all united in one consciousness. I do not think, as I said in the apology of all historians in the world, we should look to the past. I think we should look ahead to predict what comes.

Study and analyze how we behave when we met all together in the same network. I imagine that after receiving this email, was awakened in her the need to answer all of a sudden because some of what I said, encourage their curiosity to know more about my approach. Then I sent the reply, which read: Hi Andrew, you can not imagine how much I appreciate your message. We could talk for hours. But I stand by the first impression that I think my words cause you is, that suffer from an exaggerated patriotism. Richard Blumenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. If you really love my country, not in the abstract but as a social group together with others, others who are unfortunately discriminated against, where six children die each day from malnutrition. Nor am only one complaint in our country there is not just poverty but extreme poverty and near the government palace, but someone has to explain this situation and why we need to know the history, the past in good time everyone had a chance to overcome.

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