In the beautiful alencarina capital it had and still it has a called club ' ' Country Club of the Cear' ' , that he continues located the same in address, to the avenue Baron of Studart with street Barros Coast. Yes. It was and is also a club agradabilssimo, but he is not of it that this article will treat. Our subject will be the inesquecvel ' ' PERTAINING TO THE STATE OF CEAR SOCIETY OF SHOT, HUNTS AND PESCA' ' , a true club country constructed in the estuary of the River Coc, in 1950, at the same time where &#039 was raised the celebrity; ' House of the Portugus' ' , or Village of Antnio&#039 Saint; ' , in the avenue Joo Person. Unhappyly, who will be very difficult to write article-story will be young, or it will not have lived the years of esplendor of that club, that left deep homesicknesses in the members of the last generations. However, who will have more than 45 years today, my words will be able to revisit super an environment aconchegante, in whose origin the club had one determined classroom of people to who came back its attentions, since it was born as a community specific, forming a species of fraternity between that they liked shot, it hunts or it fishes. Also I am mentioning to all the ambincia of $fortaleza in the gone ones of the 50 decade of and beginning of the one of 60, when the city counted in the fingers the automobiles that possua, the indecent young women (to the time called prostitutes) and the crimes against the life, so rare that they had given to the Land of the Light the saudosa fame of of the cities calmest and insurances of the country. Inasmuch as the state of the entire Cear was very little served in terms of trip conditions, a time that were rare the federal and rarer highways still the state ones, of luck that the viajores still needed trucks, cars tractive of the 4 (generally agricultural and jeeps) or wagons, very in use at the time.

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