International Federation

The reason is due to multiple corruption scandals known. Blatter will seek Wednesday to a fourth term as head of the Agency. He presents itself as the only candidate for the position in these elections. Several members of the European Parliament (EP) have joined this Tuesday calls for FIFA to suspend their elections on Wednesday by suspicions of corruption. Ivo Belet MEPs, Belgian, and Syed Kamall, British, have issued a statement in that report that they and several of his colleagues have given their support to the initiative for the reform of FIFA tabled in the British Parliament.

FIFA is facing a series of corruption scandals, dragging to professional football by the mud. It is a great cleaning time, noted parliamentarians. Both dndieron a deep reform of the International Federation and a transparent and independent Commission that investigate bad practices. This is the only way to restore confidence, assured, and They asked that while this does not happen is halt the elections which will be held on Wednesday and to which Joseph Blatter participates as a single candidate. In recent days, members of the British Parliament demanded reforms in this line, while the Minister of sports in the country, Hugh Robertson, also requested the suspension of the elections. Blatter will seek this Wednesday a fourth term as head of the maximum body of world football in elections wrapped by the controversy and doubts about its cleaning. Source of the news: several MEPs want FIFA elections are suspended

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