They mutate. Three are terrible problems of mankind, where the lie daily, cynicism as a rule, is exercised on the one hand, but where, also, on the other hand, accumulate large energies of outrageous protest by those who they tend to be trampled and insurgen: (1) the climate and environmental topic, (2) political model, and (3) weapons of mass destruction. I’m going with an example: the recent capitulillo of the so-called freedom Flotilla, massacred by the Israelis, would have happened twenty years ago, when we then passive receivers, didn’t have the possibility to see the facts for certain as nonsense. Once, I said. But today the world was everything gone beyond looking the occurrence of crimes, because emission telematics of some crew members. However, as we saw, giving fool to the world and believing what static on the idiocy, the israeli Government try to sow the boat with terrorists, of merecible extermination. One little more than the cansancia always, for these times.

And it is here where, by the way, the reflection of the writing comes. The attempt of really believing in an idiotic world populated by homunculi, ruled by men men (those who have the) Verdad-Verdad and their media monopoly), cannot lead to that statism dreamed of by their powerful, to an eternity parmeniana, of obvious conveniences. You can not lead, therefore what they call peace, that State that little by little as that I would like to leave looking like the tranquility of a cemetery. The mockery of human intelligence I guess will have its limit, and it seems there is much of it in the present. So I say, with the viejecillos, that things are not well. Endowed with the world as it is today, with thousands of viewers eyes, yet you try to you give by blind, generating you an acumulanate outrage, explosive debt someday. Almost nobody already endures: everything divides towards deception and abuse.

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