FreeDays Expands

The Internet Agency of FreeDays expands its team and optimizes customer service to startup FreeDays team and offer new year enlarged the online agency. In addition to numerous new qualified employees with a wide range of qualifications much new offered customers: an order system, a lifestyle magazine, an improved quality assurance, as well as new priorities in the area of Internet marketing, social media and content creation. In addition an Academy for virtual assistants. Due to large success FreeDays decided to expand the company in many areas and to optimize. This innovative operating philosophy basically remains the same: on the opportunity companies operators, get back to the nice side of life too concentrated. “This is taking place, that annoying” work is delivered to the virtual assistant of FreeDays all experts in her portfolio.

The individual tasks include, for example, the Organization of appointments, the creation of Internet for a Blog or the management and responding to emails. FreeDays: Relax. Enjoy. “Let others do your business!” At the turn of the year in this respect numerous optimizations and extensions are made: the team will be expanded to 10 employees. This includes qualified and experienced marketing professionals, assistants, and lyricist. By the reinforcements is taking it possible new task panes in attack and to offer the customers.

So all written texts go further once again by a newly established quality assurance consisting of from an independent editorial office to the level of lift. Also, its own order system is introduced that is 2011 available in the beta version from February. This works like an online-shop for services so that business processes can be automated in addition. There is also a lifestyle magazine on at the start from March 2011. Proffered themes are outsourcing, lifestyle, geographic freedom, as well as the possibility of location-independent and global working? The vision is a bit to slow the speed of our society and to direct focus on the really important things of in life according to motto and philosophy of FreeDays and perhaps determine there is no danger at all with today’s fast paced world not more to come especially if one is an experienced team of specialists on the side. Finally, an Academy for virtual assistants will be in the spring of 2011″will be established. There, future virtual assistants are trained on the basis of complex and structured step for step instructions. Focus will be in particular the area of outsourcing. Objective is to allow the candidates to build up a completely new and successful life. According to the company’s philosophy: relax. Enjoy. “Let others do your business.” Contact: FreeDays owner: Julia Brotz Copenhagen Street 8 65552 Limburg fon: fax (+ 49) 06431-4036020: (+ 49) 06431-4036021

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