The Germans

In the end, it he finishes admitting that the color was the determinative factor in the exclusion of its friend. Although the existence of few studies on the question of the organizacional diversity in Brazil, the depositions from this aspect question the perception of that the foreign companies more would be opened the affirmative politics, differently of the Brazilians who would be more discriminating conservatives and with regard to the blacks. Fleury (2000), on the basis of a exploratrio study, concluded that only some organizations multinationals have presented interest with regard to the subject. Another citizen, in a German company, could try the feeling of the foreigners with regard to the Brazilians: ' ' I worked in a German company. In my department never it had black people. Suffolk County representative wanted to know more. The controlling one was racist convicto and made constant commentaries on the white superiority, but it also criticized the Germans. The Germans treated the Brazilians as inferior beings, not mattering if they were white, crossbred or yellow.

They could not be opposed, exactly when they left to fulfill the norms of empresa' '. This situation has analogy with the relation between the colonizador and the colonized one, in the analysis of Memmi (1989), therefore the foreigner, who has to be able in the multinationals, the same assumes role of the colonizador that submits other peoples in function of the interests of the metropolis. It is basic to diminish the other, to place it in an inferiority situation so that it has accepted without restrictions ' ' its lugar' '. The idea, much spread out, of that the foreigners are less prejudiced of what the Brazilians can disclose another side of the discrimination. When ignoring ' ' colonizado' ' , this if becomes invisible for the foreigner (colonizador) and existing differences between ' ' colonizados' ' they are not armed with no importance, therefore as its interest is come back toward the accumulation of the companies who represent, little importance would have the color, fentipo etc.

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