Eva Golinger

Such point has a fundamental importance in the political context world-wide present when the imperial powers impose the deceit to the public opinion (scheme characteristic of the new war, call of fourth generation) to make possible interventions on countries or strategic areas of the planet. If a country has strategic interest in attention to its natural resources or geographic position, must, therefore, have a strong opposition internamente, as much that it is contiguous with the national division. It tolerates the exercise of the Machiavellian assertion divides to govern, political facilitator for the possible armed intervention and institutional (the UN, OAS, NATO), with the well-known consequences of sovereign trampling and territorial fit. Never as now an idol of mud feet (the lie) has been so powerful. 2. The rotten body: students in the open The investigator and lawyer Eva Golinger already takes to years explaining the mechanics of that revolution of colors and his smooth blow . Dgase that the one of the color comes to story by the assumption of the distinguishing color that each political group chooses in its country to be against to a regime of government labeled as authoritarian or dictatorial, without mattering that it is it in truth (demonstrates although it with the electoral and democratic practice), as it is the case of the government of Hugo Chavez (more than a ten of elections), to whom the students and several NGOs have turned into the target of their operations from the time of the referendum to reform the Constitution. smooth blow, on the other hand, comes to story by his attempt to debilitate and to disorganize the pillars of the power (the labor state and forces) and to neutralize the security forces, always in the context of an electoral process , in such a way that when it touches a the security forces to act necessarily to maintain the order public are catalogued like repressive and violating of the human rights.

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