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Why Canada? The first argument in favor of immigration to Canada that the country has its own immigration policy, which is backed by appropriate legislation. Simply put, there are clearly defined rules game, observing that in the future can become a citizen of Canada. And this is a serious bid to secure its future, as Canada is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world for quality of life. Every year, here comes the order of 200 000 immigrants from different countries. Unlike other countries, Canada is considered to be more accessible in terms of professional immigration. The fact that any citizen may apply to request for permanent residence, even if it is in this country do not have relatives or a specific invitation to work in any Canadian company or the substantial financial resources. It is important that you have qualified and owned by one of two languages: English or French.

In Canada, there are special adaptation programs to help newcomers overcome the differences in cultural tradition and change social stereotypes. Immigrant enjoys all the rights, freedoms and types of social protection, but the possibility of running for state elective office and voting rights. But after running this country for three years, the immigrant is able to apply directly at the Canadian citizenship. So competent approach to the assimilation of immigrants can hardly boast of any other power. Another plus – passing score for an immigrant visa.

In Canada it is 67. In comparison to immigrate to New Zealand needed to collect at least 100 points. A passing score is calculated based on total number of parameters (age, occupation, level of language proficiency, and so on). More about this we'll discuss shortly. Finally, the presence of Canadian passport allows visa-free run for most countries of the Pacific region and the European Union. Canadian citizen can easily get a job in the United States and any country in the Commonwealth.

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