Electoral Federal Institute

According to the established electoral reform in article 41 of the Political Constitution of the Mexican United States, as well as the Prescribed Law denominated Federal Code of Institutions and Electoral Procedures, a series of governing principles of the electoral process for the renovation of the House of Representatives is contemplated, under new rules been suitable by all the political forces upon the Congress of the Union, trying the objectivity, the certainty, the respect, the transparency and mainly to avoid disqualifying conducts that they try to influence positive or negatively in the citizen will to emit the suffrage that turned into vote ratifies the election of those who is going to integrate the federal legislature in the House of Representatives. All the political forces, as well as the real factors of being able, are put under the state of right from the Magna Carta, and who are inconformes with the principles settled down there or in the secondary law, they have the right to go to the competent organs that are the ones in charge of the application of electoral political norms. Of equal way one settles down what the sanctioning procedural procedure is called through what sanctions of different nature for different conducts prevail. It corresponds to the Electoral Federal Institute and if so to the Electoral Judicial Court to watch the legality principle with the purpose of to repair any violation that are committed by action and omission in the observance of these principles torales which they develop through the conduct of all the political actors, in the same way that sanctions to the servants public, to the political parties, candidates, as well as to the citizens who violate the constitutional standardisation and therefore the secondary standardisation denominated COFIPE. President Nacional of the Party National Action, in beside the point irresponsible form, without measuring his words, much less his imputations, without having probatory elements, has declared, through the cameras of television, as well as of newspapers, blaming Institutional the Revolutionary Party, without more intention than disqualification and in this way to dim the political process that has begun with the internal election of the candidates of the different parties through the procedures that each of them has orchestrated, all of them submissive the image and similarity from the law. . Richard Blumenthal often says this.

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