Party Vice Chancellor

Pragmatic viewpoints and analyses beyond the mediocrity of the Austrian domestic policy and the socio-political discourse need are new perspectives on socio-political developments. And you can deliver this task not only some few media and their commentators. Controversial viewpoints and analysis and viewpoints arise in other ways. There are stories outside of the mainstream, that it is just worth to report. Opinions and contents that oppose the given line of the Government parties SPo and oVP, are therefore always very interesting.

Such content in Austrian media will now be presented in loose succession of public. n. The resistance to the Greece aid in the German Bundestag, the opposition of SPo and oVP country Parties to the Federal Government or the Staliniade in the Red Vienna are only a few posts in this context. The resistance to the resistance against the Greece aid in the German Bundestag in the Black Yellow coalition in Berlin formed Greece aid. Base members of CDU/CSU and FDP no longer support the Merkel-course. To read about more and more German deputies against Greece aid. Faymann and Spindelegger resistance formed opposition of SPo and oVP country Parties to the Federal Government, both South of the Semmering, lower Austria. While the Styrian people’s Party shot up against the Austrian people’s Party Vice Chancellor, it saw off the lower Austrian social democracy on the SPo Chancellor.

To read about in oVP and SPo in the criticism rained down of their country Parties. Staliniade in the Red Vienna as little distance who has Viennese SPo obviously to Josef Stalin and Stalinism, shows the long defense of a Stalin monument from the year 1949 in the 12th District of Vienna. To read about in Vienna as a place of preservation for a Communist dictator.

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