Budget Service

Westphalian construction service now also with Internet presence came – Westphalian construction service (WBS) is represented in the Internet as well. Now, interested customers can find out online services or obtain a free quotation via E-mail or telephone hotline. The catchment area of the Westphalian construction service extends over the whole Ruhr area, but prefers Dortmund, Unna, and came. All new customers who were budget resolutions in Dortmund, or until the end of the year to ask Unna, get a new customer discount of 5%. Managing Director Andreas Raven, which is successfully operating for over 20 years in the construction and waste management, has founded the company with two other partners in March 2010. Professional and timely services from a single source is his motto and regards the duty to carry out the wishes of its customers. Read more here: Richard Blumenthal. Project-specific costs, he can pass on to its customers due to his experience. The Westphalian construction service leads in addition to demolition thesis and Budget resolutions also excavations by and helps them E.g.

with suitable excavators with a precise pit for a swimming pool to create. The WBS accompanies them during their projects from the beginning to the end. He brings not only all necessary regulatory approvals a, but disposed of the excavation or construction debris and leaves the workplace swept clean. With so much craft art an appealing Web presence may not be missing. On the home advantage s of the company provided a clear overview of the interested customers.

A builder with helmet and blueprints in hand decorates the menu and refers to the company slogan. We have the right solution for your task. The site offers practical and functional design. Freely according to the motto simple, practical, good”was in the design dispenses with unnecessary bells and whistles and the main emphasis on the projects and services of the Westphalian construction service. Budget resolution, about disassembly and Demolition work to excavations and container services – the range is versatile and individual wishes can be expressed in personal consultations. The Westphalian construction service feels the responsibility to assist the customers to the best of our knowledge and belief and to help him in his projects”, States still on the home page. Each performance overview Westphalian construction service in use is also a section”, where you the WBS quasi can see his work on the shoulder. Using vivid images, documented the steps here and so a first impression about the functioning of the WBS provided the customers. Sebastian Heinen

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