The result was a studied subject to the Board of Directors and is approved and as a result of which I was offered a contract under the following conditions: annual salary in the Strip half of market conditions (250,000 euros per year in 14 pay and a retirement that would receive an amount equal to 60% of my salary from the date of my retirement). This is the only truth about the subject. Some seem them much, but I can guarantee that I have received higher offers and am the Executive less salary received from the 10 most important societies of authors in the world, among which SGAE ranks 8th. My Administration has allowed to increase the distribution partners in more than 2100%, if I wrote 2100% well, if we compare the figures for 1983 with the 2007. Another interesting exercise is to compare my salary with other executives of other collecting societies in Spain, companies of discs, Radio and Television stations and in general with the salaries of executives of companies that have superior results to the 350 million euros annually. Thank you for the question, I apologize for the extension and hope that this clarifies things. Law Sinde Bautista has defended in several times the controversial law Sinde. This standard (whose parliamentary procedure is nearing critical dates) is included in the broader law of sustainable economy and seeks to regulate discharges not authorized on the Internet through the creation of an administrative agency that prior judicial authorization, will decide on the blocking of websites that offer unauthorized content protected by copyright. Responsible for the SGAE has responded to an Internet user identified as Paul, who wondered: why pass a law to close pages without passing through trial? If a judge rules that it must be closed by something will be like if dictates that not. Why pass a law unconstitutional? This has been the response of the Baptist: the control of legality is made always by the courts.

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