Using Google Adwords

AdWords AdWords or not, that is the question …. When you have no money, no question it’s worth, you seo-free and that’s it, no? But … When we use google adwords? Well, that, when we have money to invest, right? alone? No. We also need to be clear about what our public interest. Many people and especially very large companies * will * spend money on testing and testing adwords clicks and spent shooting in the dark. I say * not * spend * for *. invest Investing money is something that we then see that money plus a profit. For lovers of free traffic (like me) prefer to make / build something more long term, even years.

Reading my favorite seo: in your manual says that creating links for months and years, suddenly, overnight, google sends you thousands of hits you’re not waiting for that day. In Adwords you can not build a future, but one already! For those eager to try out certain products and works well, but in the long term, say, when my kids grow up, etc … I have to pay again adwords AGAIN! With the links I will continue to bear fruit. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. Wait! Adwords’m not saying that bad, but you have to know when we use it to make it wisely. To us it costs us business or webmaster deep breath and wait, because we want results right now, we are anxious. Still, we plant and sow, the more we sow, more pick! (Do not have to see if it rains or not, the Internet is not necessary).

It’s like putting a penny / dime in a box every day. How much will a year? and in several years? and if one day you put 2, 3 or 7 cents / cents? Well this is the same. To get links (do it little by little) you have many ways, do it slowly and gracefully. Write articles on other sites (where you can, where you stop) Write comments on blogs (something meaningful) Write in forums (with your signature as a link) and platforms and answer questions (yahoo answers) did you know that some items last for years in magazines and newspapers online? You have to work, yes, but you’ll get your reward if you cheat and do it gracefully. We will draw a graph (even mentally): The first months, we must work hard (high graphic online) and as time passes the base line because when traffic comes to us will not have to work so hard but to keep. The red color patterns. The first few months, we have no income (lower line graph) and as time passes the line up because we get more and more revenue (for traffic). The green color patterns (green = money). If you’ve done mentally (or paper) you’ll see a “cross” which indicates that … WORK! Do not you studied for a test drive and then get good grades and then teachers earn? This is the same. To top to do this, (I) had a online excel with my team to control the sites where we were putting links slowly, but eventually built a very cool online application that allows us to handle this more quickly.

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