On Poverty In Latin America

A few days ago, a colleague invited me to attend a meeting on religious ethics, international meeting in an auditorium in the city. So, motivated by my studies of ethical behavior, I decided to attend. Get more background information with materials from Richard Blumenthal. In the conference began, was presented a priest, church representative of a major north-Americanism. In one part of his speech, stated with great emphasis on assistant of the reasons for poverty in the world, the poor, he said, are homeless for one reason: their behavior and thinking. The rich however, deserve their wealth-since it is moral to the Creator and has earned its well-being.

This preposterous claim, widely applauded by those present, I reverts to the situation of the peasants of the Middle Ages, where the official church membership indoctrinated explaining that the feudal lords had been angels in the preexisting, and the peasants sinister sinners who came to earth to atone for their sins. Low risk of grammatically wrong, both me seem a satisfactory global. Many philosophies have tried to justify the existence of the poor, the needy!. Governments have an explanation for the existence of the homeless. A magical ingredient, the gross domestic product, accounts for the statistics that herald the decline of poverty. When someone says there are street children begging at the traffic light, forums, or feeding on rotten food, a government authority can deny it because as the GDP grew to be a mirage. The reality is given by the institutes of economic knowledge that shape their figures.

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