King Louis

"His great influence in the reign of" weak and helpless Louis XIII ", has created the basis for asserting that at the time what was ruled a true double-headed monarchy …! Richelieu successfully circumvents the site to the Rochelle (1627-1928), the conference "des Dupes" in 1630 (which the Cardinal out gracefully, earning the game to the queen mother who had asked his misfortune ) and declared war on Spain in 1635. With good statesman chill off of your way all the people who represent a danger (Conde de Chalais, Montmorency-Bouteville, Des Chapelles, the Marquis de Cinq-Mars etc). His life goes five months and ten days before the King: December 4, 1642. The following period will go down in history as the longest reign was that of the Great Louis XIV, who became King of France his five years! is his mother, Anne d'Autriche, who would start playing the turn of the regency in the middle of the gossip about the alleged illegitimacy of the king, whom he said could not be homosexual son of Louis XIII. The linkage of Cardinal Mazarin, recommended by the Richelieu, occurs immediately. In 1648 he produced the revolt known as "La Fronde", which actually were two uprisings, the first sponsored by the Paris parliament that forces the queen and her son to flee the capital and the second by the princes who had helped to suppress the parliamentary frond.

In the very problem the more the king is proclaimed September 7, 1651 and the following year Louis XIV, acclaimed for his beloved people, go to Paris, where he meets again with Mazarin, who will accompany him in the government until March 9 , 1661, the day when Cardinal rests in peace of the Lord. The day after the death of Mazarin, the king brings together all his ministers and communicates its desire to rule alone. Then begins the brilliant splendor of the Sun King's absolute monarchy in the same year undertook the continued construction of the palace of Versailles where to go to work 36,000 men and 6,000 horses, which will be from settling permanently in 1682, the seat of government, of the intrigues and exquisite worldly pleasures the most powerful king of all French history. The same issues of administration, the court and everything else revolves around Versailles King units. The awakening, the bathroom, lunch, dinner, the audience and finally all become propitious occasion to try to gain the friendship of the king and receive small honors overflowing with happiness and pride to his flatterers. All this grand procession reached unsuspected limits as bordered by his cousin, the Great Madmoiselle, when he expresses his famous phrase: "he is God!" But this does not mean

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