Central Ring Road

m., warehouses of class B are divided into smaller units. For many companies of 5 thousand square meters. m – is enough, although there are sales of such stores with a margin for growth. Despite the constant increasing volumes of construction, supply of quality space can not currently meet the existing demand. In this case, visible low level offers finished rooms. Experts say the market increase in investment activity and growth of the proposed large-scale storage projects.

The practice of long-term contracts pre-lease a warehouse under construction. Expanding trend of the cost for the structuring principle of triple net (the definition of the base rate for renting separately from operating expenses and utility charges, excluding VAT). However, not all large companies interested in buying stocks in the property. The proportion of such transactions in the rental market is still small warehouses. The purchase price for 1 square. m on the Class A market starts at $ 1,2 thousand According to experts, the warehouse market will grow by overall economic growth in the country and increase purchasing power. (Not to be confused with Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions!). Huge demand for storage of consumer goods will enjoy the storage space in the area, offered by companies providing services to the area of logistics.

Interesting program on development of industrial estates developed by the Government of Moscow Region. In her emphasis on the creation of warehouse industrial centers, in which at neighborhood with modern warehouses are easy to produce. Expected to plan the construction of Central Ring Road will also affect the increase in storage space along this highway. Recall that the start of construction of highway scheduled this year, and ending – in 2020. The process of commissioning of new warehouse space is on the rise. If in 2005, was built about 500 thousand square meters. m in 2006 – about 800 thousand square meters. m, then in 2007 to be approximately 1.5 million square meters. m. It will take another four years to offer in the market was sufficient, therefore, in 2010-2011 the situation with the prices of rental stores back to normal – analysts say. Today, one of the leaders in renting storage space and putting it out to a company warehouse rental. The company adhere to the traditions of individual approach to every client, and stores under the change are available at all times. All that is required future tenants – is to contact your company where they can show the desired depot, with all the necessary characteristics. By the choice is always warm and warehouses and cold. Also there are stores of various sizes, ceiling height. The availability of all required communications and protection – is one of the important points of successful business, so the company is pleased to offer you the stores that are on a secure protected area. Source:

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