State Registration Act

The most acute this problem manifests itself when originally granted the land by right of inheritable possession for life with no purpose of its commercial use, and thereafter at its base was established peasant (farmer) facilities. Of all the above should be an unambiguous conclusion that in any case "dacha amnesty" should extend to individual entrepreneurs purchased the land plots are not from the agricultural land or belonging to other categories of land that they possess the right of lifetime inheritable possession. On useful way of "dacha amnesty" in any business relationship we have described in detail in part of our curriculum. For state registration of ownership rights of a citizen in the land granted to the territorial division of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography under the appropriate subject of the Russian Federation in the metropolitan area at the location of the land served: 1) an application for state registration of property rights, drawn up in arbitrary form 2) the act of granting citizen land, issued by a government or local authority within its competence and in accordance with legislation, acting in the place of publication of such an act at the time of publication 3) act (certificate) on the right of the citizen to the land issued by the authorized body of state authority in the manner prescribed legislation in force at the place of publication of such an act at the time of publication 4) issued by a local authority Statement of pohozyaystvennoy books about the presence of a citizen's rights to the land (in If this plot of land granted for ancillary facilities).

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