United States

Israel is armed, nuclear weapon; Few would dare to deny it as a fact, even if nobody available open evidence. Thing as well as the wind that is there and not see it, but is there. It is a logic based on certain doctrines of military invincibility and superiority which rationalizes the defense and power as exclusive prerogatives of certain States providenciales, a few armed by stigmatized and others, in vice versa, stigmatized by armed, indistinct fact derives in that necessary and known arms race that threatens human life. His vision of the world is shared (and supported) with one of the leading countries in terms of weaponry, the United States, who have the go-ahead. So that make up a team shall be heavenly. One holds the parchment title of people chosen, granted by a historic stratum of antiquity, and the other, of providential, nation he was awarded by the historical course of modern times.

But the matter goes beyond even: in addition to sharing military offensive and defensive concerns, Israel possesses mechanism internal of pressure in the U.S. which practically make it a sensitive heel for those who seek to reach a deterrence with the United States. It is your ally, good luck on the part of the great country, and pressing in small this is pressed into large one. Old allies against the USSR that have had to continue their joint historical impulse, toreando waters of the decomposition of that other pole of power in the world, sailing with the lappet of who sees historic opportunity to prevail as the sole force, leading to slope that hieratic condition presumably called to govern the world, untouchable and therefore invulnerable as divine role. But they have also had to fight the emergence of senses of independence in new and old countries, political criteria from the sowing of cold war, that same that divided the world into good and bad; cope and confronted with the former allies of the USSR and politico-religious historical enemies.

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