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Regional Governments

A company is socially responsible when it responds adequately to the expectations they have on the functioning of various interest groups is known that in Venezuela there is much pollution in the waters, land and atmosphere, especially in Valencia for being an industrial city. It was found that many companies especially the SMEs Valencia have […]

Management, Efficiency And Implementation Of Strategies

The ideology and politics can enhance the effectiveness of an organization or undermine it. The ideology infused in other settings can be a revitalizing force, strengthening the organization and making their people more responsible. Henrry Mintzberg (1991) Management to adequately perform the functions required to the present time, needs to be efficient, creative, innovative, able […]

Cartesian Diagram

Pareto Diagram Pareto diagram is a graphical method to determine which are the most important problems of a certain situation and consequently the priorities for intervention. It can identify the most important factors or issues based on the premise that few causes produce the majority of the problems and many causes lack of relative importance. […]