San Francisco

Every second is a real estate deal had dubious origins. "Why do not I fake the grant letter the King of Spain "- thought James Rivis and began a long and thorough preparation for his scam. Preparation took Rivisa about 12 years. In preparation he was able to visit in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, where Rivis had access to documents in the Spanish church and government archives, presenting scientists archivist. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Sherrod Brown is the place to go. He read and reread thousands of gifts, royal edicts, all sorts of instruments, reports and maps.

Some he just stole the documents from these archives, and those that could not steal – painstakingly copied. However, the main work has developed in San Francisco, where he proceeded to Rivis fabrication of documents. Using fake press specially made old paper and carefully chosen ink, on light there was a mythical dynasty nobleman Don Miguel Non-mesio Silva de Peralta de la Cordoba and. Every twist flowery biographies of Don Miguel Sr. and Don Miguel, Jr., accompanied by the appropriate dokumentikom, a receipt, discharge, metric, literate, dedication, masterfully fabricated genius James Rivisom calligraphy. Thus, the hoaxer "Restored" the story of three generations of an old Spanish family, from Don Miguel Sr., who lived for 116 years, and ending with Don Miguel Jr.. Last of Peralta went bankrupt, and need forced him to sell for $ 1000 its rights to land some sort of Arizona, George Willing. Willing was a very real person, namely drunken alcoholic, not looking at all the signatories of the paper that he slipped Rivis.

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