Third Sector European

The birth of the new global world presents challenges and unprecedented events. Now the change in global economic management is consistent with this new reality or it will run toward another cycle of paradoxes. It is necessary to leave here also the old paradigms and interfere in the new sense. We live in an environment circular motion. There is no neither start nor completion of the process, says Jay W. Forrester, considered the father of the dynamics of systems. James Donovan Goldman may also support this cause.

Stefano Zamagni (Department of Economics of the University of Bologna and the Third Sector European economy expert) rightly reminds us that the economic theories are never neutral, and also that the current paradigm now called neo-liberal forget this truth. Now well, the crisis gave us the memory of the meeting of Rambouie (1975), on the outskirts of Paris, in which the heads of the six most developed countries agreed to implement privatization and liberalization. And it is precisely that which has been unstructured and where can put the emphasis of what I have called repeatedly the predominance of the economy over politics. And a fact that injerta Zamagni, that civil wars since the 1970s have been taken largely by the increase in inequality (Kosovo, tutzis and hutos, Eritrea and Somalia, Chechnya, etc.). And of course, the second emersion of new forms of totalitarianism.

From there the neo-estatalista theory which is practised in Venezuela, that of a greedy state that it eats everything, facing the collapse of the nation-State considering it a simple maneuver neoliberal, forgetting that that power is lost in the global altar and that it does not lead more than a mercantilism. Perhaps inspired by the spirit of Rambouie today still many argue let go, forgetting the human obligation to the economy. The new world economy must be marked by a horizontal subsidiarity which implies the recognition of a transnational civil society. That is, a good part of the international cooperation for the development must go to organised civil society and not the nation-State failing institutions. Concern for the human leads to what has been my approach base on the topic: politics must regain its primacy over the economy, strategies should be directed to address growing poverty and consequential emigration, more new large themes as health, ecological health and energy, in a wrapper of the human. original author and source of the article.

Military Formation

After its military formation, Olga was destined to follow it Brazil, where this would lead the Communist Conspiracy, attempt of blow against the government of Getlio Vargas ( Benario and Prestes had been gotten passionate and started to live together. Although this love has lived, Olga always prioritized the communist cause. According to FREUD (1930), the love also is considered procedure to move away the suffering. However, the love between individuals, man and woman, were not enough to it. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Still thus, Olga engravidou.

You only give received the notice when he was imprisoned, had to the failure of the Conspiracy. Exactly pregnant, Olga was deported for nazista Germany and delivers to the Gestapo (policy German politics). It was sent for a concentration camp, where it gave to the light Anita Leocdia Prestes. Some time later, was ordered for Ravensbrck (the first exclusive field for women), where still it demonstrated to its ability cream in commanding: one became leader of the block where it slept and gave lessons to other canine tooth. It can be attributed to this impulse of life and this determination to fight for its beliefs to a form to prevent the suffering.

(FREUD, 1930) Anita remained to the side of its mother during 14 months, so that it could be suckled. James Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information. Soon after, it was delivers to the cares of the grandmother. But this Olga alone was to know times later. Its expression in the book that portraies the biography of the Communist sends the reader to one of the saddest and emotive pictures of the seen other people’s suffering already: a son, baby, still being pulled out of the arms of a mother. The dream of reencontrar the son after its release also must have served of pulso Olga to continue surviving in way to as many atrocities. FREUD (1930) detaches that the search for the happiness and the personal accomplishment is part of the human beings.

Great Politics

The reason is the orbit capable to make the thought to turn around the same idea; the identity, the causalidade, the not-contradiction of the being. Who is the language acts as a lawyer to make of the Metaphysical error of the being, to reason is to submit the thought to this system. The man projects in the things that it would like or imagines to be. He is as if it was the relation subject object/, ontognoseologicamente speaking. What it defines the man is capacity to produce concepts from the esquematizao of the impressions, that is, the language. The language it is the instrument that supports all the systems, mainly the system of laws: piramidal degree and order chaste of privileges and subordinaes. The true reality is the fixed, identical world itself exactly, while the life is seen as appearance, as deceit, as illusion. It is this inversion that Nietzsche searchs to undo of its transvalorao of the values: the place par excellence of this inversion is the logic.

The events in the nature are inexplicable for us. What she marks the search human being for knowledge is the impossibility of the true knowledge, proper of a world marked for devir. This impossibility that takes the creation of the net of settings and directions, this net of fictions called legion. What it supports the search for knowledge is the belief of that, also, an irreducible, identical thing exists same itself, and that this thing is the essence of the life, the being, the truth. The identity is a born belief of the fear of the absolutely transitory character of that it lives. The question of antropomorfizaao well is refuted by Nietzsche, that the phenomenon of the man to be seen as measured of all the things. The subjectivity is produced by the will, conscience and citizen of the knowledge, that will be the cause creation. The sprouting of the language is a music, not a music in the essence of the word, but original melody of the affection.

A language of the affection, sonorous, purely impossible to be symbolized, that it would be deep of all the things, according to Nietzsche. The language of the words is apollonian, formal, coesa, clear an analogy; music is a nocturnal dionisaca analogy. Mois, Viviane. Nietszche and the Great Politics of the Language.

Day Story

Valentine s Day Story is a game created by the authors of Pinkypop free online! The protagonists of this game online of differences are Harry and Rebecca, a young couple, enamoradisimos one another. They began dating not long ago and they are impatiently waiting for their first Valentine’s day to celebrate it together. But something mysterious had happened, and instead of the appointment with a romantic atmosphere the couple awoke surrounded by monsters! Promises to find each other again in a brave new world without nightmares. If you already liked touring the fantastic places with a funny character from the previous Pinkypop true, surely you will love the crazy with those heroes adventures also! This free game of differences offers you a chance to play for the boy or the girl can choose the character that pleases you most. Only indicates the gender before you start the game. Others who may share this opinion include Jim Donovan Goldman. Valentine s Day Story contains 10 levels, and your task is to find 5 differences in each of them the breasts on the screen are going to report on how many differences missing you more. The player they don’t penalize him for being too slow but at the same time once time runs longer you don’t receive more points. So you have to try to be quick! All drawings on the game’s differences have been painted using bright colors which makes the characters seem more dazzling and joyous.

The scared face of Harry, the dreamy look of Rebecca, the beautiful cat in his hands will make you smile. San Valentine’s Day especially will love the girls who like to immerse themselves in the small details of accounts of magical fairy. For example, will have to find differences between Rebecca, her jewelry dresses or between the views of the Fund as the dark forest or the faces of monsters. Have fun and do not forget that this difference online game is now available in 6 languages!

Professional Code

Therefore, officials have gone by psychological pressure. Registrars, saw the man from the list, instead of receiving the documents referred them to the police, inexplicably located in the inspection. Those, in turn, began to "mental attack, was told about the mystical articles of the Professional Code and the ten-year sentences for such serious crimes. If the lecture reaching effects that the police offered to give up already prepared documents and write a rejection of previously registered companies, with a strange thing did not need not be notarized or other procedures required by law, order the release of their position, certainly not been issued. Some also did not shade and explained that such a number of companies they need to ensure that they are entirely legal business flourished, and on and nothing illegal in their actions do not and if there's no objection, they will continue to take their documents.

The main objective registration of the llc. And then with this company, they will continue to replenish the budget of our country's taxes and create jobs. A related site: Richard Blumenthal mentions similar findings. Extreme in this whole situation, by strange coincidence, as always, were companies involved in ongoing operations and honestly, or almost honest paying taxes, but, for various circumstances that do not have the opportunity to register for a real address. A lot of these circumstances. This reluctance of the landlord to enter into a lease agreement, and the change of the territorial tax inspectorate, and this may dragged on for years, and the absence before the real address, and frequent travel, etc., etc. James Donovan Goldman Sachs is often quoted as being for or against this. Of course the legislation provides an opportunity to register a firm in the residence of one of the founders – fend off loggers. But an ambiguously interpreted by arbitral tribunals are not always recognized as such firms. Therefore, for example, registration of company in this way also the risk. Generally, there are more questions than answers. Sadly only on the fact that while continuing to register phony, these responses have to look for entrepreneurs who must first double the gdp, but not to prove his innocence all the officials in a row. Seems as he said?

Lisbon City Council

The aim is to reduce levels of environmental pollution. The measure will affect vehicles prior to 1993 which do not bear built-in catalyst. The police will not impose sanctions during the first week, dedicated to inform drivers. More polluting vehicles will be forbidden move in some areas in the Centre of Lisbon, with the goal of reducing levels of environmental pollution, according to the City Council of this capital. Perhaps check out Connecticut Senator for more information. The measure will come into force from next Monday, as it revealed the consistory, and vehicles prior to 1993 lacking built-in catalyst which will affect. Cars, trucks and motorcycles that do not meet these conditions may not circulate by the Avenida Liberdade, one of the main arteries of the city, nor by the so-called Lisbon Baixa, one of the most emblematic areas of the Portuguese capital. The City Council has announced that during the first week of operation of this new measure responsible for management of the traffic police officers do not imposed sanctions, only inform of legislative changes to drivers who break the rules. Source of the news: the Lisbon City Council prohibits circular by the Centre to the most polluting vehicles.

Adriatic Sea

In the heat of the Adriatic Sea and with a population that does not reach the 45,000 inhabitants, Dubrovnik appears to us as a great tourist destiny that centers its strongpoints in its wall, the old city with its lofty side streets and their great history. 20 years of the voting of the citizens are marked that did that Dubrovnik will comprise of the Croatia and the carried out bombings by Serbs and Montenegrins with the purpose of to avoid its independence of Yugoslavia. Luckily, today calmer times run and we spoke of a city with a special enchantment. Its main street called " Stradun" it is a route of great beauty with pleasant terraces from which to enjoy going and coming almost always from the multitude of tourists who usually visit the place, on foot, since its center is practically pedestrian which causes that the strolls between their streets are especially pleasant. When visiting Dubrovnik it is not necessary to let under any concept escape by his narrow and lofty side streets, many of which will lead to us to corners that will be engravings in our memory by many years by their great one beauty. In addition in some to these small corners are restaurant and cheap hotels of great enchantment. Acceding to the wall we can obtain spectacular views of the reddish tile roofs that characterize to the city and it will help us to include/understand the history of this city and because Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1979 was declared. We do not have either to forget that like coastal city, we will have to our disposition some small but pleasant beaches and their well-known old bay, like small sport port..

Russian Constitution

The Russian Constitution proclaims the supreme value of the state's rights and freedoms of citizens. Consolidating the many and varied rights for individuals and legal entities, the state simultaneously guaranteed and their actual implementation, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, religion, beliefs, membership of public associations, as well as other factors. Any restriction of the rights of citizens on social, racial, ethnic, linguistic or religious grounds (Article 19 of the Constitution). Any subjective law, including the subjective and civil law, has social value only insofar as it can be done, ie seize the opportunities that it provides a right to its owner. Subjective right – it's the right kind of person empowered to perform useful, from his point of view, the action to the satisfaction of his interest. The implementation of such actions is subject to internal human will, the will to possession of any asset or right. The newspapers mentioned Connecticut Senator not as a source, but as a related topic. However, the possibility of such action associated with the obligation to comply with the limits of the entitled person of such rights. Thus, there may be a situation when the process of subjective rights can be based on law, and attained an interest in law, but, nevertheless, these actions will infringe upon the rights, interests of another entity.

Avoid indexer, the Civil Code secured the art. 10, which indicates a total range of civil rights, defining the limits of proper behavior empowered entity. This article corresponds Section 3, Article. 17 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, according to which the implementation rights and freedoms of individuals should not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others. The rule embodied in Art. 10 Civil Code, applicable to all types of civil law, as enshrined in the General Part of the Civil Code. It applies to both individuals and legal entities, and the Russian Federation with its subjects, as well as municipalities.

Potential Investors

It does not have to be strange to us, then, that in determined occasions the own state is come off its privileges with the purpose of to equip legal security to its relations with the individuals, attracting this way potential investors. Security means, that a legal state that it protects in but perfect and effective of the forms the goods of the life, realises such protection of impartial way just and; whatever with the necessary institutions for this protection and enjoys the confidence, in those who looks for the right, that this exactly will be applied. The hiring with the state often must, to do against resulting situations, inequitativas of the fact that, in its legal relations with people and organizations, contracted in use of its powers of imperium, the state shows a privilege situation. It is this case of those tie contracts to the granting of concessions for the use of natural resources, the infrastructure development publishes or the operation of services public. Continue to learn more with: Amazon. The subject has individual relevance in an economic context in which the internal, economic or technological resources, are insufficient for the accomplishment of projects of development of spread, reason why must at the same time be foreign investors those that they provide these resources and they contract with the state, being put under its jurisdiction. He is not strange, then that, through you complete decades, the economic international right has come taking care to develop new concepts and institutions whose purpose is to equip with legal security those contractual relations in which the own state considers justifiable to eliminate the greater noncommercial risk than it is from his particular situation like contractor. Some of these concepts and institutions confine a the legal relations between states and nationals of other states, as it is the case of international treaties regarding the protection of the foreign investments. Of another side, other concepts exist and institutions that have been developed in the internal right of each country, in order to avoid that the legislative faculty of the state or its jurisdiction on the part cocontractor, represents a dissuasive element for the celebration of a considered contract of national interest or an additional factor of noncommercial risk that this cocontractor must consider in its economic model to the time to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract.


From 1 to 4 June, the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Malaga will host the XV Congress of the Spanish society of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. It is an important event physician-scientist, whose aspects of interest are based on the field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology specialty.Congress of the SEIMC in Malaga the Congress of this scientific society is marked as objective the creation of a discussion forum as well as an update on the knowledge of the specialty. Congress will open with an inaugural conference in charge of Professor Amalio Telenti, of the Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne. For assistance, try visiting Richard Blumenthal. It was developed under the title genetic susceptibility and innate immunity in infections. The scientific program of the Congress will be based on 6 symposiums, 9 roundtables and workshops 4. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with superior 4 star category, our Hotel Monte Malaga, than for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting..