History Samovars

Until now, neither of which is not known when and who invented the first samovar. Many believe that Russia is the birthplace of samovar, but it is not. The first semblance of a samovar can be found in ancient Rome and China. It was a large vessel, which had a pipe and ash, the principle of his actions was the same as a conventional samovar. It is also widely believed that the first samovar yet invented Tula, who took with him to the Urals Tula smith-industrialist Nikita Demidov in 1701.

Once on the uninhabited place, missing the hot brought down, they came up with gizmo, which itself is all cooked, ushering samovar production. In Russia, a samovar was already known from 30-40 years of the xviii century. The first mention of a samovar, and samovar production is mentioned in 1745: "Register how many made and given to a noble lord Gregory Akinfievich (Demidov) different titles copper cookware in 1745 and at what price the market is 'and' property records Onega, second-class monastery ', which dates back to 1746 year, and where, among other things mentioned, and' two samovar with green copper pipes. But the available data give no idea of what shape and the device was samovar at the time. We only know that in those years samovar already used in the Urals, and later in Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg, and in the xix century samovar appeared in Vladimir, Yaroslavl, province. Now it is difficult to say when and by whom created the first samovar, but his appearance and the production is closely connected with those important reforms and economic and political life of Russia in the Petrine era.

King Louis

"His great influence in the reign of" weak and helpless Louis XIII ", has created the basis for asserting that at the time what was ruled a true double-headed monarchy …! Richelieu successfully circumvents the site to the Rochelle (1627-1928), the conference "des Dupes" in 1630 (which the Cardinal out gracefully, earning the game to the queen mother who had asked his misfortune ) and declared war on Spain in 1635. With good statesman chill off of your way all the people who represent a danger (Conde de Chalais, Montmorency-Bouteville, Des Chapelles, the Marquis de Cinq-Mars etc). His life goes five months and ten days before the King: December 4, 1642. The following period will go down in history as the longest reign was that of the Great Louis XIV, who became King of France his five years! is his mother, Anne d'Autriche, who would start playing the turn of the regency in the middle of the gossip about the alleged illegitimacy of the king, whom he said could not be homosexual son of Louis XIII. The linkage of Cardinal Mazarin, recommended by the Richelieu, occurs immediately. In 1648 he produced the revolt known as "La Fronde", which actually were two uprisings, the first sponsored by the Paris parliament that forces the queen and her son to flee the capital and the second by the princes who had helped to suppress the parliamentary frond.

In the very problem the more the king is proclaimed September 7, 1651 and the following year Louis XIV, acclaimed for his beloved people, go to Paris, where he meets again with Mazarin, who will accompany him in the government until March 9 , 1661, the day when Cardinal rests in peace of the Lord. The day after the death of Mazarin, the king brings together all his ministers and communicates its desire to rule alone. Then begins the brilliant splendor of the Sun King's absolute monarchy in the same year undertook the continued construction of the palace of Versailles where to go to work 36,000 men and 6,000 horses, which will be from settling permanently in 1682, the seat of government, of the intrigues and exquisite worldly pleasures the most powerful king of all French history. The same issues of administration, the court and everything else revolves around Versailles King units. The awakening, the bathroom, lunch, dinner, the audience and finally all become propitious occasion to try to gain the friendship of the king and receive small honors overflowing with happiness and pride to his flatterers. All this grand procession reached unsuspected limits as bordered by his cousin, the Great Madmoiselle, when he expresses his famous phrase: "he is God!" But this does not mean

Vote Falls Emigrant

Little more than 58,000 resident Spaniards abroad they have been soliciing to vote in the autonomic elections of this Sunday For four years voted near 134,000 emigrants. The greater number of requests for the next elections has arrived from France (11.703), followed country of Cuba (9.128) and Argentina (9.209). Little more than 58,000 resident Spaniards abroad they have solicitd to vote in the autonomic elections of this Sunday, only 8.2% of which must right to less than make it and half in which elections participated in the last. Click Richard Blumenthal to learn more. The reform of the electoral law eliminated its right to vote in the policemen to avoid that the high percentage of population emigrant registered in some municipalities would determine the sense of the mayorship, but also imposed new requirements for the autonomic ones. Kyle Dropp dartmouth is actively involved in the matter. Before the reform, all the Spaniards including in the Census of absent resident voters (WAX) received in their addresses the documentation necessary to vote, but now only they receive a form to ask for the vote. After doing it, they receive the problems and they can exert his right – by mail or in ballot boxes in numerous consulates, but those are many that have not taken that first step. The Census of absent resident voters (WAX) for these autonomic elections adds 705,097 Spaniards, but the Office of the Electoral roll has only received the request of vote of 58,097 voters. Four years ago, in autonomic similars, they voted near 134,000 emigrants. The greater number of requests for the next elections has arrived from France (11.703), followed country of Cuba (9.128) and Argentina (9.209). Source of the news: The vote falls emigrant: only 8% solicit to exert their right for the elections of 22-M

President Obama

In my case, as an inhabitant of this planet, predator of nature, ordinary citizen who lives in a country of shadows on the face of the Earth and across borders, can I or not give Obama the benefit of the doubt little not even a bit to USA, because you ware them in the Wild On World of fossil fuels, household and cosmetics, abundant food and disposable supplies, the world is an invitation to de facto through the media waste, material and economic cruelty to enjoy in a capitalism of luxury our debt and poverty of others, and there is not a fair means of human equality, the planet is rotating on the shaft of his cosmic translation and our earthly alienation with undermined nature and a citizen that’s so common and current identifies it with a being alien to his own human condition, a collateral damage by remedial and surgically sacrificable. When Barack Hussein Obama wants to take distance of what USA has done in the world and on the face of the Earth, the brotherhood of his speeches begins in childhood, develops in its adolescence and is set to experience a youth who has been projected as the salvaguardadora of a hope that is handed out happy and juvenile hand over fist and now deals with obscene ageing of sadness to empty hands, because to President Obama are you haired head, him has hardened the face and has been frozen smile. (Similarly see: Connecticut Senator). If Noam Chomsky the capitalist world is populated by a few prosperous, many discontented in the globalization of the economy, then we can locate and identify where the estupidizados glad and sad frustrated, which is the non Aristotelian golden mean and Yes Salomon to get away from the past, standing in the present and projected into the future of a rapacious Eagle and spatula to take with their claws and rip apart with his beak, imperial flying between heaven and Earth, every living creature to be shredded, swallowed and regurgitado in the elevated nests where chicks, restless and hungry, await their ration of food of a depredada nature, and about to be devoured by the fire that begins to encircle it. USA, Mexico and Latin America do should be seen as a balanced and harmonious continent where USA is the dictatorships which has imposed military who made so much human damage, and today these militarized countries have passed to civilian Governments with an identity forged and claimed through the voting citizen, when at the same time, Colombia and Mexico, will have militarized OS pretext of combating drug trafficking and terrorism with the tactics and strategy of the territorialization and the? occupation of USA? Only the most optimistic of the advertising marketing of fixed deadlines hope and happiness in a timeshare condo would have believe in American peace, and when I seek in the poems by the American poet Walt Whitman and James Douglas Morrison, I reencounter with myself: there was never another beginning now, or more youth or old age than the now, and there will never be another perfection now, nor more heaven or hell that these now. For more specific information, check out Michael Ramlet. Jackal, escoltamos the trail of survivors of the caravans.We collect bloody harvests of the fields of battle.Our Skinny bellies are absent of any body corpse.Hunger leads us up to the fragrance of the wind.Foreigner, traveller, carefully observed our eyes and translates the horrible old dogs barking.

International Federation

The reason is due to multiple corruption scandals known. Blatter will seek Wednesday to a fourth term as head of the Agency. He presents itself as the only candidate for the position in these elections. Several members of the European Parliament (EP) have joined this Tuesday calls for FIFA to suspend their elections on Wednesday by suspicions of corruption. Ivo Belet MEPs, Belgian, and Syed Kamall, British, have issued a statement in that report that they and several of his colleagues have given their support to the initiative for the reform of FIFA tabled in the British Parliament.

FIFA is facing a series of corruption scandals, dragging to professional football by the mud. It is a great cleaning time, noted parliamentarians. Both dndieron a deep reform of the International Federation and a transparent and independent Commission that investigate bad practices. This is the only way to restore confidence, assured, and They asked that while this does not happen is halt the elections which will be held on Wednesday and to which Joseph Blatter participates as a single candidate. In recent days, members of the British Parliament demanded reforms in this line, while the Minister of sports in the country, Hugh Robertson, also requested the suspension of the elections. (A valuable related resource: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs). Blatter will seek this Wednesday a fourth term as head of the maximum body of world football in elections wrapped by the controversy and doubts about its cleaning. Source of the news: several MEPs want FIFA elections are suspended

The Constitutional Reform In Venezuela

The role of the Commission's work and plans to study reforms to our Constitution (or at least a part of it), and already is in possession of the President of the Republic for approval, was leaked to the media yesterday communication, a thick sheaf of papers which are printed, side items in the current Constitution, the other suggested amendments to each article and in the middle of both the comments that each amendment made by the members of the Commission. The Venezuelan Constitution in force, 1999, the "Bolivarian", or as he calls the president himself: "La Biche", besides being a defective Constitution and intentionally, as experience has amply demonstrated its approval, was presented for approval to a country that had not chosen with due care to members of the National Constituent Assembly that drafted; to a country that issued it, by voting in a referendum without having read the final text and a country that ignored allegations of changes or amendments, seemingly harmless, which were made to the wording of some items once approved and sanctioned. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon. The Constitution also reformulated should be approved by referendum but experience tells us, first, that the bulk of the population does not take the trouble to read the whole thing and understand the real meaning of the changes before voting on it and on the other hand, not yet clear doubts about the transparency of the body responsible for conducting the referendum, the National Electoral Council, does nothing but raise concerns, especially after the utter failure of the recently convened conferences to collect signatures for the recall to regional governors and municipal (which by themselves warrant a full article on exclusivity). . You may find Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs to be a useful source of information.

Lord Russell and Political Realism

He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in mathematics and moral sciences. He taught philosophy at Cambridge, during World War I was deposed and imprisoned for his pacifist attitude. He lived at various times in the United States, where he taught at several universities. It has been a writer of astonishing fertility. If you are not convinced, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. In his ninety-seven years old, Russell develops in many of their views. Please visit Suffolk County Rep. if you seek more information. Initially, Mathematics, are presented as the ideal of philosophy, in a Platonic idealism. Drift then to a very English positivism, later to return closer to their first positions. A feature of Lord Russell is its political radicalism and anti-religious, with an extremely lucid language, which gives many problems and many followers.

His mathematical work stands among the most original and valuable Russell, representing the third party in an era of Mathematical Logic (1900-1930), which competes with intuitionist L. Brouwer and D. formalist Hilbert. Russell tries to show that pure mathematics concepts deal only possible to define a small number of fundamental logical concepts that all its propositions can be deduced from a small number of basic logical principles. These ideas, which aim to reduce mathematics to a branch of logic, are called logic-ism.

Russell’s anti-Kantian in that logical-mathematical propositions are synthetic a priori, but analytical. From his meeting with L. Wittgenstein, Russell drift into a kind of positivism, which he calls constructivism logical and logical atomism. This positivism is different from classical empiricism by its reliance on formal logic and mathematics. His vast oeuvre includes mathematical topics, scientific and philosophical: Exhibition critique of the philosophy of Leibniz (1900), Principia Mathematica (1903), Principia Mathematica 2 (1910-1913), which defines the so-called “logic” problems Philosophy (1912), Our knowledge of the outside world (1914), An Inquiry into meaning and truth (1940) and Human knowledge, its purpose and its limits (1948), issues of political, social and informative: Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism (1918), Marriage and Morals (1929), The Conquest of Happiness ( 1930), Freedom and Organization, 1814-1914 (1934), Satan in the Suburbs (1953), a novel, Ethics and politics in human society (1954), Portraits of Memories and Other Essays (1956), Why I Am Not a Christian (1957) Nuclear war against common sense (1959), The evolution of my philosophical thought (1959), Has man a future? (1961), War Crimes in Vietnam (1967), Essays on Education and Autobiography (1968), showing its advanced liberalism and religious skepticism. As the British writer said: “Mankind has a double moral: one who preaches and practices, and one who practices and preaches.” Francisco Arias Solis will be vain attempt to humanize the war. Human is avoided. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Liberty and Freedom Forum. URL:

Regional Governments

A company is socially responsible when it responds adequately to the expectations they have on the functioning of various interest groups is known that in Venezuela there is much pollution in the waters, land and atmosphere, especially in Valencia for being an industrial city. It was found that many companies especially the SMEs Valencia have little environmental culture. This requires that the regional government to take action on the matter if you want to protect the health of the Valencian population, beginning with the lake of Valencia we know is a large deposit of waste that has seriously affected. He has taken very seriously in this regard duly stipulated provisions in professional law of the environment. Experts in environmental pollution, environmental managers know that to carry out productive activities and changing environment, it must apply the appropriate technology, availability of suitable materials and energy necessary. This model of production, typical of This industrial society has caused serious environmental dysfunctions and consequently has given rise to the concept of sustainable development: the provision of new processes and approaches that are able to obtain the necessary production without excessive degradation of the environment, sustainable indefinitely by the use of natural goods needed human development. James Donovan Goldman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The government should seriously worry about the negative consequences for the country by the absence of efficient control systems which ensure the protection of the Venezuelan environment. The objective is to achieve a world that tries to achieve sustainable development increasingly smaller imbalances, based on a profound awareness of the importance of environmental pollution by scientists, technologists, politicians and society in general.

Mexican Citizens

The election campaigns are based more in search for votes through subsidiarity and benevolence, promising unrealistic things or speaking badly of his opponents so that they are badly with voters. The worst happens when these candidates win the elections and all the campaign promises that remain that; promises. The majority of Mexicans have constantly felt this disappointment, seeing these candidates who give us back once they come to power. This disappointment every day grows accompanied by a social unrest but at the same time with a grim air of conformism, then what can we do. Then, if the candidates who aspire to power only inspiring disappointment and increasingly feel that this change will never come, how we can get to Mexico for this situation where no leakage is not and we are satisfied with what we have. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is a great source of information. The answer is that we must form a true Mexican citizens able to see by our community and not wait for a politician to come and achieve that change. A related site: James Donovan Goldman Sachs mentions similar findings. Famous change should be given in all aspects and begins from the way in which we act daily. If the politicians don’t want to see for the common good of society, it is necessary to us if we see for the common good and that’s where we must promote citizenship active.

Enough of attitudes and opinions which at times we say the citizens themselves about which cannot change people, that it is impossible all to see for others, that people only see for themselves and don’t care for anything else. It is essential that each see for others and this starts with civic education; since separate trash, save water, litter in its place, handle appropriately, respecting parking spaces for people with different abilities, not give bites, etc. but also require active respect for and compliance with the rules by others. This has been achieved once our representatives really us represent both in quantity and in ideology that society would be generating a new class of politicians, political citizens committed to their society and not the current political characterised by the ambition of power, urged votes but devoid of proposals. The change will not be immediate, it would take at least two generations to see reflected such attitude, but similarly we can guarantee our future generations a better development and equity.

It is then that if a political party promotes candidates as we have today, people would simply reject them naturally and repudiation. If we are better citizens, candidates, therefore, have to be better politicians and people, since a candidate as most of those who we have today may not with the demands of a people that has managed to change if same. Change must begin and we must promote it. There will be comments about that is difficult to remove all the people who are inside Mexican politics only to satisfy their own personal interests, but if we opt for change, future generations may enjoy the benefits of a civic democracy. Create a democracy of citizens and non-voters is the great challenge that we have and we must be aware that only we are responsible for that change.


"U" – development (reduction of interest material) in this life will affect the future of the spiritual experience of embodiment. Very similar to the three stage evolution of the soul. "JUS GREAT" – an awl in a sack can not hide, manifestation of experience past life. The whole experience of man in previous life, he will manifest in this life (in character traits, abilities, etc.). Amazon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. "LITTLE YUS" is very similar to the previous sign, is added only to "ON", therefore, logical to understand how the whole experience a past life (as well as life Ancestors) can be recycled and improve over this, and then to show the world in the next life. "IZHITSA" is also a three-dimensional character. Unity in Reveal, which was originally created in the Navi and control to the right. Or more simply: in the spiritual world have uniform laws, subject to the laws of the higher worlds, the spiritual world is the mediator and the "conductor" between the higher world and the material.

And the well-being is determined by understanding its place in the structure of the world. For even more opinions, read materials from James Donovan Goldman. The very name of the letter: and Ms-ca – unity with the harmony, life, evolution. Everyone knows "message"-an acrostic, created the Cyrillic alphabet (although the names of letters kept by relatives, from the Glagolitic alphabet.) Alas, an image which is Glagolitic letter, a word taken from the modern Russian language, include more than difficult, so try to collect descriptions of images together: the man exists, who strives for spiritual development, and Preserves to gain experience of the Spirit, changing the material world and manifested itself in him.