Limited Partnership

Dividends in limited partnership: to make a limited partnership You can distribute dividends once reduced social capital for losses, will require that the legal reserve reaches ten per cent of the new capital. To date, this restriction operated only for limited liability companies. Causes of separation of partners in limited liability companies: expands to the corporations causes for separation provided for limited companies and allowed that the bylaws establish other different causes. Exercise of the right of separation: is allowed in limited company with registered shares replace the publication by a written communication to the shareholders who have not voted in favour. Term of Office of the liquidators in anonymous society: the Board can not set a time limit and therefore, if it is not set in the bylaws, shall be indefinite. Publication of joint-stock companies liquidation balance sheet: removes the balance in BORME and journal publication.

Challenges to the agreement’s approval of the final balance of liquidation into corporations: the law of Corporations referred to the challenge of meeting, and the fixed LSC within two months. First final provision: If the deed of incorporation of a limited liability company fully contained indicative statutes that should be created by order of the Ministry of Justice, and non-monetary contributions are not made, the mercantile Registrar must register it within a maximum of 48 hours, unless they had not satisfied the property transfer and stamp tax. The LSC does not establish the need to accommodate pre-existing societies to the new regulation. The revision of the social statutes of the companies, for the purposes of valuing the convenience or opportunity to regulate certain subjects in them would however, taking into account the modifications carried out and their possible interpretations, be advisable to.

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