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John Air

Letter from the Russian State Construction Committee 21.03.2002 9-28/200 confirmed that the condensation on the surface of the glass inside the building – a valid phenomenon. Can solve this problem through the airing. "To your room was always filled with fresh air (and, according to the recommendations of the Association of ventilation, heating and air […]


Are you bored with your old, cracked walls, which are not correct either wallpaper or paint? Would you like to drastically change the look of the house, but major repairs have no money? One of the best solutions of the situation – sheathe the walls of sheetrock. Drywall – an environmentally friendly building material, made […]

Fire Protection

All is well understand and know the most basic advantages of wooden houses. House made of wood – it is always eco-friendly and cozy. Perhaps that is why most leave the choice of wood as the main material for construction. K Sorry, do not forget the one disadvantage of wood houses – high susceptibility to […]

Russian Color

Therefore, it is now oriented the world's leading manufacturers of accessories for laminate coating. The most important thing today in accessories for floor coverings – the color, and in second place is worth money. Now the first place in the Russian market skirting is the easiest plinth, whose mounting strap redesigned in the cable channel […]