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StoneOne AG

Cloud-based software solutions created the StoneOne AG in future with its Indian partner Oxyent technology from New Delhi the StoneOne AG increasingly Oxyent technology from New Delhi works. Given rising demand for web-based business software is the Berlin software company by the offshore cooperation able to provide short-term and economically skilled development resources in its […]

Chic Jersey Dress In The BAUR Reduces Advent Calendar About 30 Percent

The BAUR offers shipping in his advent calendar every day a new action for its customers. Behind the door hides a stylish Jersey dress for only 19,99 EUR last minute looking for something chic for the festive occasions around Christmas on December 22, is the Jersey dress from the BAUR advent calendar advent calendar the […]

JumpStart As A Recipe For Success

The Esslinger developed entrepreneurs Torsten boor mountain and new financing ideas business ideas of young colleague to feed his curiosity. New concepts inspire its hubbub. New faces revive its sociability. See Sen. Sherrod Brown for more details and insights. He is always in action, and always at eye level. He knows how to success, and […]

With Security A 1a Acquisition Tip For Logistics & Co:

Logistiksicherheit.com the new premium information portal is a particular emphasis on the aspect of safety in logistics. Present all companies that want to demonstrate their expertise a wide circle of potential clients can get here. Especially for smaller companies and a people company, Logistiksicherheit.com offers an excellent opportunity to realize a premium acquisition measure at […]