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Latin America

A sample of this has the zapatistas. They coined the concept of more down talking about to that social sector where the revolt is born. As well as in years 60 they were the workers nondescribed, the women and the young people driving force of the fights, in Latin America in the neoliberal period was […]


They mutate. Three are terrible problems of mankind, where the lie daily, cynicism as a rule, is exercised on the one hand, but where, also, on the other hand, accumulate large energies of outrageous protest by those who they tend to be trampled and insurgen: (1) the climate and environmental topic, (2) political model, and […]


The serenity is not safe from the storm, but find peace in the midst of her. Thomas a Kempis. General, scope to the extent that we are concerned about us, go to cultivate confidence in oneself, giving way to manifest security in our actions, behavior, in everything where we interrelacionamos, serenity will be given, guaranteeing […]