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Fernando Enrique

However, in times of eve of presidential elections, this it only rees-echo as plus a way to pull votes to the government, at this moment, worried about the search of allies to choose indicated its. Parallel to the spreading of the approval of the PEC, the government also divulges gap in the Providence. We go […]

Spanish Entrepreneurs

Do not know who vote, tu si? Hello everyone, the other day we were drinking a few beers to us and everyone knew who would vote in the coming elections, I do not. I dared me to make a comment in the group that we were at the table and everyone wanted me to eat, […]


That history of that after acrise comes the success is true. If you are not convinced, visit Author. In 2010 it will be one year of bigger contentment. previsto that the GIP grows between 5% and 6%. With this the signed wallet number detrabalho will go to increase and the informal work goes to diminish. […]

Religion Science

Science, Common Sense, Religion and Philosophy the common sense if assigns for knowledge acquired throughout the life that independem of a scientific training, without a basement notable of such order. However the proper scientific basement inexists without the common sense. According to Boaventura de Souza Saints Left itself exactly, the common sense is conservative and […]

This State

This point that interests in them, for the vacariano sociologist does not have deep antagonisms of classrooms in Brazil of years 1920, then the Revolution of 1930 would not have been commanded for the middle classes, if the crisis appears of the popular layers, Faoro evidences that these do not have to be able enough […]

The Governments

Julio Caesar, Napolen, Calvin, Hitler, Franc, was the owners of the unipersonal fear, whereas the theocratic laws, the organizations for-gubernativas and the political regimes took control of the fear like controladora institution. Anguish, I disgust, depression, weariness, uncertainty, disquiet, rages, sadness, they are the sensations of those who are put under by the power in […]

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

Freedom without equality is a beautiful word clear accents but emaciated results. Hubert h. Humphrey not be ignored the opening that is generating the new change of the Presidency of Cuba, though is always under the direction of the same family, now under the management of Raul Castro. It shows a little more planned strategies […]

Political Educational Projects

When trying to trace a practical definition on what Pedagogical Politician assigns to the Project, a well singular definition of the word was given in them by According to Nilbo Walnut ' ' the word project if relates to the idea that if form to execute or to carry through something in the future: plan, […]

Nation Land

Beyond the social tradition, the relation with the land exists. Ours ' ' Ori' ' , that is, our head, our mind has as sacred reference of land not it sky. Of the land we came and it will come back, as the Christian would say. When if it always mentions the name of some […]

The Need to Preserve the Environment

The land is sufficient for all but not for voracious consumers. Mahatma Gandhi’s always interesting and encouraging to see the interest of some countries by the need to preserve a favorable environment for human beings, especially those who live on this continent … to be fully identified with its responsibility for our actions favored by […]